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  1. jock liked a post in a topic by balbes150 in ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X   
    Image Yocto with kernel 4.12 (for S905X).  (v20170825)
    To download the image. Unzip. To record on the SD card. Rename the /boot partition file of the dtb to the "dtb.img". To download the script s905_autoscript. Add on the SD card in the /boot partition. On TV Boxing should be informed (with other images) is activated multiboot. Connect the SD card to TV box. To turn the power on. After running the screen is in hibernation (from your watch) for desktop display you have to press a key on the keyboard or moving the mouse.

    USB works in the kernel 4.12.9 (kernel source Neil Armstrong).
  2. wildcat_paris liked a post in a topic by jock in orange pi from start   
    None of those voltages are fine with the boards. The board may run, but USB devices and HDMI devices won't work as long as they receive the proper voltage directly from the source.
    Also cheap power supplies with selectable output voltage usually have very little output amperage (200mA if you're lucky. These boards require 2000mA to work reliably with some USB devices attached)
  3. rodolfo liked a post in a topic by jock in Performance/throttling problems with OPi One   
    You may take a look to this thread too:

    I tried to run the Opi One at 1.2 Ghz with 1.100 volts. In my experience, it works flawlessy and I tried all the stress tests suggested by tkaiser with success, plus I stressed it with cpuburn-a7 for some hours (with huge heatsink!!) without problems.