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  1. @svdmk Thanks for sharing the knollage !! Did you also finding the console comport on the PCB ?
  2. Can you making one hi rec photo of both sides of the PCB its likely have pads for MASKROM but you can using the pads for MMC / NAND but need looking for the pining of then for getting the right one. Also if being in MASKROM it shall booting DC-card with bootloader on it. Then having (updated not factory Android) bootloader on the EMMC it shall also booting USB-flach sticks without problem.
  3. @audio kees Use disk manager in windows system for erasing all partitions on the SD-cad and it shall being OK. But burning one new images its making more partitions agen.
  4. Was just running apt-get update and rebooting and its getting updated kernel: _ _________ ____ _ _ __| | _|___ /___ \|___ \__ __ | |__ _____ __ | '__| |/ / |_ \ __) | __) \ \/ /____| '_ \ / _ \ \/ / | | | < ___) / __/ / __/ > <_____| |_) | (_) > < |_| |_|\_\____/_____|_____/_/\_\ |_.__/ \___/_/\_\ Welcome to Armbian 23.11.1 Jammy with Linux 6.1.63-current-rk322x And i have one Ubuntu CLI on the HDMI monitor and the LED have being fixed so not the fix is online !!! Great thanks for great work done !!!!
  5. Looks like only minimal is being build for Ubuntu but the loggfile is shoeing the standard shall have being done 2. From the "Armbian_23.8.99_Rk322x-box_jammy_current_6.1.62.img.txt" file: "Armbian_23.8.99_Rk322x-box_jammy_current_6.1.62.img.xz" but the file is missing.
  6. If i have understanding it right if erasing the eMMC and installing the loader in it the its possible jump stating eternal media also USB as secondary uboot is on the media. Then the system is using the first boot bin from the eMMC and the uboot from the media. Your try is working OK until the trust OS is starting and its getting some problems (legacy kernel need one old type and current need one newer one for working OK). I think fabiobassa is the one that having more deep knowledge of this functions but its very deep in the RK boot code.
  7. @Aapo Tahkola My experience of USB on RK boxes is that its working good some time but if getting problem is needed being repowered for detecting new and disconnected device and normally its one time bomb before getting problems with USB both 2 and 3 then its using the same hardware implementation.
  8. @remlei very true 1/8G can running but best mounting one SD-card for docker data so all HA containers is being out of the eMMC then its being full then HA is installed and booting up for the first time also USB is tricky and need repower for getting disconnected device being reconiced after some time but they is working pretty good for no production systems.
  9. For the journalctl problem reinstalling the package restart the system and reinstall HA as is written in the HA hint and its working. The large problem is if having less RAM its braking the zram logging but its one other story. For install download one older HA installer and its working without local mode.
  10. Your board is not having the current limiting resistors for the comport they is not populated on the picture. Put some soldering led instead of the resistor or if you is having some around 100 Ohm in the right place and it shall working well.
  11. ARM devices is not using boot manager then they is not having one PC-BIOS they using U-boot and booting the installed system and nothing else.
  12. You is having that option in armbian-config with "Freeze Disable Armbian kernel upgrades"
  13. @n3o HDMI is having 2 different sets of "video mode" one for desktop monitors and one for TV and i think all is not implanted in the RK drivers and need being patched in for working OK.
  14. The patch is merged so only waiting for one new build. https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/5762#issuecomment-1742524606
  15. I was having problem with the bootloader and was installing one strange one and was getting it working OK. How to look for the version of it in dmesg then i only finding one number but not the date of it like this ubootpart=3158ac38-01 ?
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