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  1. RK322X Boxes archive https://armbian.hosthatch.com/archive/rk322x-box/archive/ or for only latest https://imola.armbian.com/dl/rk322x-box/archive/ RK3318 Boxes ??
  2. @SteeMan You is not alone running important test rigs / production system on this (CY) hardware :-)) @jock I like the very edge build then having one test system and trying getting things that is not working and getting it fixed so its very OK. But im missing is image with more stable user space and kernel for installing for not critical production / test system for other things like my HA Matter / Thread (need Arm64) and HyperHDR that shall not being broke more times in the months and need reinstalling the complete system every time and must patching for getting the BT working for pairing Matter / thread devices. Way not adding it to normal armbian archive like RK322X and getting UB and DEB in Desktop, CLI and Minimal in latest major release of armbian so user can install "experimental stable" build that is getting updates and is not so likely being broken ? By the way the USB is the most crappy part in this boxes then the system cant handle reconnect of USB devices and is oft blocking all USB posts (both USB 2 and 3) if one device is getting problems and must re power the box for getting USB working. I think next box is being one aml-s9xx-box that have better hard / software implementation of the USB.
  3. @jock Is it some planes making one more stable current release as the weekly edge builds ? Im using one box for HA thread testing (need arm64 and BT) and its very bad is its loosing BT then the edge kernel is being updated (that have happening) ? The RK3228 is possible finding in the armbian archive but the RK3318 is not being there and current stable is not build for it. Thanks in advance for your work on our devices !!!
  4. @drigohighlander I think you have the same box i is having. For 11 months multitool was not working at all with it and not possible connecting to it and using multitool from CLI but it shall being fixed with the updated version. The large problem is that HDMI was /is not working on it. Your device dont have is having eMMC and then you is not getting options for step-nand option. I was erasing the eMMC and flashing one bootloader in it and booted armbian from SD-Card and it was working OK also from USB flash. Then working OK i was installing armbian from armbian-config on the eMMC and its working very good. Only thing i have not getting working is WiFi / Bt but i only using Ethernet so its OK for my and HDMI is also not braking thing for my then using SSH and docker / Portainer for doing the needed things on it.
  5. @jockThen the device is MASK ROM is it also looking for bootloader on the USB or is it only then having bootloader on the MMC ?
  6. Look here for the Gb and GB problematic https://telcom.uk/faqs/49/what-is-the-difference-between-megabit-mbit-and-megabyte-mbyte#:~:text=So%2C in short%2C 1 Megabit,used to measure file size.
  7. The same with my. I dont knowing how the SOC is doing all things but the bus is 32 bit and the Die bus is using 16 bit and and then the Size is 2048 MB ? I think @jock can explaining it better.
  8. You is having one good CH340 connected so look wot the bootloader is writing, its the true RAM the board is having
  9. So : Density: DDP 4Gb C-die Banks: 8Banks Part Number: K4B4G0446C Package & Power, Temp. (-C/-L) & Speed: MC(L)F7/F8/H9 Org.: 1G x 4 and organized in 1Gb in 4 banks and 8 chips = 4 * 8 = 32 bit data bus on the SOC * 1 Gb. In your example you was having 8 bit databus for the RAM and i think its one 32 bit CPU and its using 32 bit databus for the RAM. But the normal for CE (Chinese Export) marked products is 32 G RAM in the device.
  10. @Aapo Tahkola Pleas post one photo if you PCB so can see the model printed on the memory IC then the data chest is for the family if the chips and we is not knowing your box is having for model.
  11. Great thanks for the workaround it was getting 2 RK boxes working OK with latest HA !! Only the Systemd Journal issues left to fixig if its possible.
  12. @chakatun You is having the SOC under the heat sink and i can see one more large chip that is one flash. If more flash chip on the upper or under side you is not having eMMC but MMC flash. Also your PCB is dated 2242 = year 2022 and week 42 so very likely not NAND. Can you posting one photo from the underside of the PCB ? Also its looks like you have the hardware console but not populated half under the heat sink that can giving interesting information then the bootloader is initiating the hardware. You have finding the masc ROM pads ? pleas post one photo of them so other user can debricking there device if needed.
  13. The right and left is VCC and GND but i dont know witch is witch. The 2 middle is RX and TX als not know the order of them. Start using one known GND form some shield or the power plug - to the USB-TTL GND. Then testing the RX from your USB-TTL cable and testing connecting is to one of the middle pins and rebooting the board. If getting some charters in the terminal (speed is 150000 baud for boot loader) its the right pin and if not testing the other middle pin. If getting the board TX -> USB-TTL RX working is the other middle the board RX <- USB-TTL TX. Then testing is the right or the left is GND (if both VCC and GND is on the pins you can using one multi meter for getting 3.3 Volt plus is the black GND). Then having GND, RX and TX all is connected OK and you can using it as one local terminal but need changing the comport speed for Linux kernel (see first post / unbricking) and you can see and changing all in normal Linux way..
  14. ff000000.i2s-i2s-hifi = external audio not implanted on the PCB ? hdmi-audio-codec hdmi-audio-codec.3.auto: Only one simultaneous stream supported! = the SOC is supporting only one audio stream on HDMI and the system is trying sending more audio streams to it.
  15. My H96Max with PCB RK3328_804_V1.1 (green PCB without LED display = rounded) is no HDMI with edge kernel and with stable OK. Armbian 22.08.0-trunk Jammy with Linux 5.15.72-rockchip64 root@RK3318-TV-Box:~# i2cdetect -l i2c-4 i2c DesignWare HDMI I2C adapter If the EDID info is not working then DMR is not working = no video.
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