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  1. Mezzanine is powered by the mainboard's USB-C through its connection on the board's GPIO. Otherwise, the mezzanine does offer an m.2 key slot for a wifi module. Sadly, Libre/loverpi is jerking around backers of the board and not delivering missing parts like the wifi module and emmc, so I wouldn't rely on them for these parts.
  2. So happy to see all this traction! I'll finally be able to use my renegade elite. Just need to set up my build environment... Last step will be to make the m2 ssd available in u-boot and this thing will rock.
  3. I'll have to whip me up an image and deploy it then! Can't wait to make this board useful. I was so impressed with having a POE board with an M2 NVMe SSD on it. Armbian will make it an amazing server.
  4. Considering there weren't updates to the thread about this board, I wasn't sure. Thanks for the links! Any work on RK3399 is great news. Also, I know work on armbian occurs regularly. The comment about 5.4 was mostly because Libre said they would work on the board once the kernel had the necessary commits and hit LTS, so when 5.4 came out.
  5. So noone picked this up, sadly? 5.4 kernel just got released... Libre/Loverpi said they'd start working on a proper image starting this kernel release. Time will tell.
  6. I actually had that issue with the board shutting off with the firefly image from June. Was hella frustrating.
  7. Been trying to get support on how to flash this to my RK3399... Not much info on that front. Renegade Elite is a big paperweight right now.
  8. Ok great. I have the board in hand, full kit with PoE mezzanine and 256gb SSD onboard if ever you want to use me as a guinea pig.
  9. Oooo... Does this mean we'll see an Armbian build soon? I'm afraid I'll be spending so much time waiting after Libre to release functional mainline content that I might just scrap this board. If I can boot Armbian off the SSD, I've just made this thing a whole lot more interesting.
  10. I'm actually running a Retropie build called ROTT 1.0.3s, which is the most complete and streamlined solution right now. I don't like the Lakka option, as it uses RetroArch as a frontend instead of emulationstation and I don't wanna mess configuring Emulationstation manually when ROTT uses it out of the box :) I think I'll just freeze the kernel to 120 until a new fixed build is out, as it worked just fine.
  11. Ah! That explains it. :) Thanks for the info! So my best bet would be to run 4.4.120 and freeze the kernel until a fix is released? Any way for me to track evolution?
  12. Hey, looking for some help. I'm running a Tinkerboard to build a retro gaming station for my sister. I installed ROTT for Tinkerboard, which is an all in one build. In their version, they run an older Armbian build and kernel and everything seems to work fine. I decided to update all sources in order to finish up the job... It installed a newer kernel and since then, the screen flickers once in a while (Goes black, comes back), which is annoying. Any suggestions on how to fix this? My solution right now will be to reflash the original package and just not update the board... But I'd love to save myself the hassle and run the latest updated version. The version which flickers is Armbian 5.50 kernel 4.4.135 and onward. The previous version ran 5.39 kernel 4.4.120. This flickers on an Asus MX239H monitor (Have not tried on anything else yet) Thanks!