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  1. I thought I remembered that zram was supposed to be off. But should htop and free -m report no swap? Just trying to figure out if that's how it should look, or if that's definitely messed up.
  2. I'm finally realizing that I have no swap and zram is not enabled. I just checked /etc/default/armbian-zram-config and ENABLED=false I'm running Armbian buster with Linux 5.4.49-rockchip64 on a RockPi4A. Is zram turned off by default? Did I screw up/miss a step when setting up my system (quite a while back)? My system boots from an SD card. I have no SSD in the system just SATA and USB HDD. I've been having system hangs when memory runs out (which has not been frequent but is very annoying) I run most things in Docker, so if I needed to rebuild from scratch it's not the worst thing in the world. Especially if there is a way to enable hardware video accelleration in a headless setup.
  3. But should htop be found with my repos? Becuase it currently isn't. How do I switch to non beta armbian repos?
  4. When I tried to purge htop, it failed Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done E: Unable to locate package htop So I ran apt update to see if that would fix the above error. Only one armbian source listed, does this look right? Hit:5 stretch InRelease Ign:1 stretch InRelease Hit:3 stretch-updates InRelease Get:2 stretch/updates InRelease [94.3 kB] Hit:7 stretch-backports InRelease Hit:8 testing InRelease Get:4 testing/updates InRelease [38.3 kB] Hit:6 stretch InRelease Hit:9 testing-updates InRelease Hit:10 stretch Release
  5. I had cpufreq and core temp displayed on my Rock Pi4 when I first installed. But have some apt updates (and kernel updates) the freq and temp are no longer displayed. How can I check to make sure that I am still running the armbian supplied htop, and not the general debian one? Could this have been messed up with a kernel update? I've never had this info on my banana pi.
  6. I just did the most recent apt upgrade/update and I noticed a change in htop. Before it would report CPU temp and core frequencies. Both of those are gone now. Does anyone know if this is a change with htop or rockpi firmware? I thought that was nice info to have in htop.
  7. I hadn't looked at this again until now. I started my testing fresh again. Copying to an empty HDD on my windows machine I get 25-30MB/s from the sata connected HDD on my BPi. I get about 18MB/s from a USB2 connected HD on the BPi to the same windows HDD. Winsat reports that drive as capable of 50 MB/s seq. write. iperf is showing bandwidth of around 422Mbits/s hdparm has my sata drive at 90-100 MB/s buffered disk reads. Looking at those numbers makes me think that the bottleneck is iperf/the network itself. Network is giving ~40MB/s and samba overhead is dropping that to 25-30? Let me know if I'm way off in my thinking. Or if the network is the problem is that only a hardware fix or are there software settings to boost the iperf result?
  8. I'm considering buying a Rock64 4GB to use a Docker server running media apps (plex,sonarr,radarr,jackett,smb,etc). I already have a 64GB SD card available for this system, probably overkill, but I have it. I noticed another post saying the SD card performance is not what it could be. I'd like to hear from other have a similar setup to what I'm thinking about. Does it perform well enough for what you're using it for? What are you using it for? What kind of samba through put do you get on the USB2 and USB3 (perhaps with the USB3->SATA adapter) Thanks.
  9. I get about 15MB/s read from my samba shares. Is there a nice walk thru on how to find the bottleneck (network, disk, etc)? It's on GbE and I did a quick iperf test that was well above the 15MB/s