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  1. This is also my procedure that I have to go through every time there is a kernel upgrade. Really wish that either armbian-config would point out the fact that setting "host mode" here may or may not be effective, and the dtc trickery is necessary for OTG ports or (better) armbian-config would offer to do the patching of the dtb when the OTG port is changed to "host mode" or (best) there was a way for custom dtb settings to automatically "survive" a kernel upgrade
  2. Yes, I went the fresh install route, using apt-clone to restore all packages and then copying over the configuration for all services bit-by-bit, converting them as needed. Quite some work, but now the box is running better than ever!
  3. There's this: Anybody knows about the status of PWM on the H5 (OPi PC 2 in my case) with mainline kernel? BTW am I off-topic asking about H5 in this forum? Thanks.
  4. I want to do the same thing. Please, is it possible? I know it will be dangerous and probably break things so I will only do it on a clone of my current system, and fix issues myself. But I'd like to know if anybody has done it.