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  1. Teal

    NanoPC T4

    Has anyone tried the M2 slot yet? I plan to install a riser card, like this one m2 riser card and install a non-raid SATA Controller to get native SATA Ports. Might this work?
  2. This hat really would be the number one selling point! If it would be a Marvell based 4-port SATA - and omv compatible like this one for example - this will be bought without a second thought. Speed for spinning rust is somewhat irrelevant, as probably nobody will connect SSDs to this anyway. As I am new to sbc, is there any way to get native PCIe x2 ports from the 24Pin Extension port? Maybe some hardware riser board / extension or similar? And will these work without armbian out of box? Or are any kernel driver related issues to expect?