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  1. Hello forum, is it only me, or is the current buster stock kernel 4.14.y for the Odroid HC1 corrupted? https://www.armbian.com/odroid-hc1/#kernels-archive-all It should be: 27ab68e25510b6fa5e751402758db6ca1bcfee45368795fb3472b4fa8c090c1e *Armbian_20.08.1_Odroidxu4_buster_legacy_4.14.195.img.xz the hash is on my side instead: MD5 Checksum: 4095199A99B583A3400BD865585CB2D5 SHA-1 Checksum: 6960F34D33062B75A7C688D45EDFFE0FE0DBB620 SHA-256 Checksum: 06B2DFB35970B06BB69081D9F86EEFF89B1CE806ADF8FD9E628F2E19B4224D93 SHA-512 Checksum: EFACC0B628781FC035D76007EBE0E5C383F90CDBB91B714703F4D83F40C0ECBF273CB6B150EFF22DD78013E0F16FE110E0BB555C8153516084434A1E2E2A92CB Kind regards
  2. Teal

    NanoPC T4

    Has anyone tried the M2 slot yet? I plan to install a riser card, like this one m2 riser card and install a non-raid SATA Controller to get native SATA Ports. Might this work?
  3. This hat really would be the number one selling point! If it would be a Marvell based 4-port SATA - and omv compatible like this one for example - this will be bought without a second thought. Speed for spinning rust is somewhat irrelevant, as probably nobody will connect SSDs to this anyway. As I am new to sbc, is there any way to get native PCIe x2 ports from the 24Pin Extension port? Maybe some hardware riser board / extension or similar? And will these work without armbian out of box? Or are any kernel driver related issues to expect?
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