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  1. I find out a tx6 variant board , It use PF2,PF4 for uart pin, and 356,357 for LED and USB power.
  2. Thanks a lot! I change it into 50000000. Now ,I can install armbian into emmc successfully.
  3. Hi my tvbox is mgv2000 , gxlx_p261_1g when I'm try to use /root/ to install system into internal emmc, I get a lot of errors. I found mmc* file is not appear at /dev/ ,but sometimes them appeared, but still have I/O error in dmesg . Did anyone have the same problem or know how to solve it? dmesg-mmc.txt
  4. Just a feedback , I'm tried v5.67 20181117 on mgv2000 , after install linux-header and compile drivers , Wifi and Bluetooth are basically worked (wireless chip is rtl8822bs).
  5. you can use :
  6. ok... My box has a AV port , but no AV port audio output (I have test with a 3.5mm jack earphone, and use meson-gxl-s805x-p241.dts to boot) Unfortunately , I didn't found any DAC chip on board. But only found a amplifier chip (TPF605) on board. By the way , Box is mgv2000 , board id is gxlx_p261_1g, I'm use DTC convert dtb to dts. So , I guess it need these driver , and maybe my guess is wrong . Could you give me some suggestion about how to make audio output work on AV port?
  7. @balbes150 I feel this 4.18 kernel is lack aml_codec_t9015 and pcm2bt codec , right? Do you have any plan to add it ?
  8. Hi balbes150 I have a amlogic TV box , and find it use rtl8822bs. this module has a UART Bluetooth , the config needs CONFIG_BT_HCIUART_3WIRE (use uart_A ,almost all realtek UART Bluetooth module need it) and CONFIG_GPIO_SYSFS (to pull up GPIOX_17 pin in terminal, it's a BT_EN pin). has been tested on a recompile kernel , bluetooth can work , hope you can add it Thanks EDIT: CONFIG_GPIO_SYSFS is don't need to add , I write a C program to do this. So only need to add CONFIG_BT_HCIUART_3WIRE . I'm using meson-gxl-s80