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  1. I have a orangepi board with H6 , it have BSP android 7 firmware. Now , I can enter BSP uboot shell. want to find a way to boot mainline kernel instead of BSP kernel. How to do that ? Any help would be much appreciated. EDIT: On amlogic arm64 board can use go command to load mainline u-boot , Does allwinner board have the similar way to do that ?
  2. I have bought some H6(and similar soc) devices, but found few only SBC and common tv box can get good mainline support. post some DT(BSP 3.10) I collected from these devices, just for reference. hope this devices can get better hardware support with mainline sun50iw3p1-uranus_t1-.dts sun50iw6_petrel_ai_p1.dts sun50iw6_petrel_p1.dts sun50iw9.dts
  3. maybe the reason is some compiler only see /hal/rtl8822b/hal8822b_fw.h but didn't see hal/rtl8822b/hal8822b_fw.c so , the code like this in hal8822b_fw.h will become empty, that's why firmware load failed extern u8 array_mp_8822b_fw_ap[106848]; extern u32 array_length_mp_8822b_fw_ap; extern u8 array_mp_8822b_fw_nic[161240]; extern u32 array_length_mp_8822b_fw_nic; extern u8 array_mp_8822b_fw_wowlan[103328]; extern u32 array_length_mp_8822b_fw_wowlan; to slove this , just copy hex fiirmware part from hal8822b_fw.c to hal8822b_fw.h, detail in this commit. https://github.com/ChalesYu/rtl8822bs-aml/commit/27fef585225a52913b2936f91abf36859ec20a43
  4. found a H6 board , it using axp2402 pmic to control battery , and use RGB port to connect a LCD like screen ,didn't have HDMI port EDIT: extract dtb from that board flash firmware img, android default host name is "petrel_ai_p1" here is the RGB LCD display part from dtb , so a question is , how hard to support this type LCD (not hdmi) ?
  5. I find out a tx6 variant board , It use PF2,PF4 for uart pin, and 356,357 for LED and USB power.
  6. Thanks a lot! I change it into 50000000. Now ,I can install armbian into emmc successfully.
  7. Hi my tvbox is mgv2000 , gxlx_p261_1g when I'm try to use /root/install.sh to install system into internal emmc, I get a lot of errors. I found mmc* file is not appear at /dev/ ,but sometimes them appeared, but still have I/O error in dmesg . Did anyone have the same problem or know how to solve it? dmesg-mmc.txt
  8. Just a feedback , I'm tried v5.67 20181117 on mgv2000 , after install linux-header and compile drivers , Wifi and Bluetooth are basically worked (wireless chip is rtl8822bs).
  9. you can use : https://yadi.sk/d/srrtn6kpnsKz2/Linux/ARMBIAN/5.60/20180922/deb/linux-headers-aml-s9xxx_5.60_arm64.deb
  10. Thanks for your reply So ... I will waiting ...
  11. ok... My box has a AV port , but no AV port audio output (I have test with a 3.5mm jack earphone, and use meson-gxl-s805x-p241.dts to boot) Unfortunately , I didn't found any DAC chip on board. But only found a amplifier chip (TPF605) on board. By the way , Box is mgv2000 , board id is gxlx_p261_1g, I'm use DTC convert dtb to dts. So , I guess it need these driver , and maybe my guess is wrong . Could you give me some suggestion about how to make audio output work on AV port?
  12. @balbes150 I feel this 4.18 kernel is lack aml_codec_t9015 and pcm2bt codec , right? Do you have any plan to add it ?
  13. Hi balbes150 I have a amlogic TV box , and find it use rtl8822bs. this module has a UART Bluetooth , the config needs CONFIG_BT_HCIUART_3WIRE (use uart_A ,almost all realtek UART Bluetooth module need it) and CONFIG_GPIO_SYSFS (to pull up GPIOX_17 pin in terminal, it's a BT_EN pin). has been tested on a recompile kernel , bluetooth can work , hope you can add it Thanks EDIT: CONFIG_GPIO_SYSFS is don't need to add , I write a C program to do this. So only need to add CONFIG_BT_HCIUART_3WIRE . I'm using meson-gxl-s805x-p241.dts
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