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  1. i get the same, however i am in the habit of setting the relevant items always
  2. doing a howto writeup to get two screens working at once, with links to purchase the equipment you used would be good
  3. - sd cards, every opi must have ubuntu server installed? keep the same distro across all devices makes life easier - can i use ubuntu desktop? or it must be ubuntu sesver OS? matters not, as the cluster will work under either.
  4. are you sure this is actually what you mean? wouldnt it be better to use dns instead? ie ssh user@machine.local or whatever your local lan suffix is
  5. &
  6. @Angelo Yang Unless i have completeley misunderstood your message / request, you may find your answer here
  7. Freedombox can and does work well on armbian. I have succeffuly installed it using the following
  8. i have listened to the 'cast. promises to be a good series and a decent interviewer to boot
  9. understood - I have been using the above script on various devices for about a year and it seems to do the trick rather well.
  10. forgot to add the link to the first HOWTO any suggestions or requests for HOWTO's please contact me and i will do my best to accomodate
  11. Is there any interest in me creating a packaging script for the following from github Given the number of people who want wifi on there devices, i think it would be useful to give another option to compliment the already predefined interfaces you provide. I note that you have already patched hostapd to work with the onboard wifi adaptors. so there really shouldnt be much to do to this
  12. task : armbian-gc2035-fswebcam package script posted on GITHUB and merge request issued. Pending acceptance / rejection / comments.
  13. cheap is a relative term, but for my uses any of the following are what i favour
  14. ah sorry - i misread your post - have you tried echoing the desired number to /sys/class/graphics/fbcon/rotate_all ? after that im clueless
  15. best i can find is this - should keep me out of mischief on when the weather turns nasty i will load it up - stick a mahooooosive heatsink on it with a fan and use it as my apt-cacher-ng unit
  16. @wildcat_paris : Thats probably why i was given it.... It can go and live on the shelf along with the Remix Mini.....
  17. I recently came by a NanoPi M2, (1gb DDR) its still in its box with case etc. If you are interested in supporting or just seeing if armbian works on it let me know. Pointers towards which base build to start with etc would be beneficial! I got the board but im no "developer" !
  18. have you tried xrandr
  19. what are you attempting to accomplish? is it automatically connect to a wifi network? if you can tell me which desktop variant you are using, i will see what help i can offer. things to look out for on a desktop installation: Make sure that the user you created is in the netdev group. There are also a couple of command lines that i could share that you would only need to run once, that will automatically bring up the wifi interface on the network for you. so what Desktop are you using? XFCE? LXDE? MATE?
  20. lemme look at that above link and i wll see if its in my ballpark to do it. i will reply with a yay or nay i a day or so Sent from my K010 using Tapatalk
  21. @zador - amended to include your comments @sysitos - I will have a look into your comments and see how i can amend the above to reflect them and also to include your automount script. this may be another HOWTO linked to this one. I like your idea and approach.