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  1. i get the same, however i am in the habit of setting the relevant items always
  2. doing a howto writeup to get two screens working at once, with links to purchase the equipment you used would be good
  3. - sd cards, every opi must have ubuntu server installed? keep the same distro across all devices makes life easier - can i use ubuntu desktop? or it must be ubuntu sesver OS? matters not, as the cluster will work under either.
  4. try this
  5. are you sure this is actually what you mean? wouldnt it be better to use dns instead? ie ssh user@machine.local or whatever your local lan suffix is
  6. &
  7. @Angelo Yang Unless i have completeley misunderstood your message / request, you may find your answer here
  8. Freedombox can and does work well on armbian. I have succeffuly installed it using the following
  9. i have listened to the 'cast. promises to be a good series and a decent interviewer to boot
  10. understood - I have been using the above script on various devices for about a year and it seems to do the trick rather well.
  11. forgot to add the link to the first HOWTO any suggestions or requests for HOWTO's please contact me and i will do my best to accomodate
  12. Is there any interest in me creating a packaging script for the following from github Given the number of people who want wifi on there devices, i think it would be useful to give another option to compliment the already predefined interfaces you provide. I note that you have already patched hostapd to work with the onboard wifi adaptors. so there really shouldnt be much to do to this
  13. task : armbian-gc2035-fswebcam package script posted on GITHUB and merge request issued. Pending acceptance / rejection / comments.