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  1. Hi, I found this thread somehow. I still do not understand how this could work, because even the idle drive power consumption is maxing out the power budget in the USB2 case, but the full load highly exceeds the power budgets for both USB2 and USB3 cases. What I really want is to connect 2 pieces of 1500GB 3.5" HDDs (Samsung HD154UI, bought them long time ago, but were powered on seldom, so still in good shape), and have some kind of data mirroring (like sofware RAID 1 or periodic rsync). I don't mind if the speed is capped by the USB2 speed limit. What kind of accessory / USB-to-SATA thingy to buy for this purpose to avoid underpowering issues even with 2 HDDs connected? How to not draw power from the board if that helps? Can I have both drives connected to the USB3 port with some gadget? Even though the performance of USB3 will be divided, this may still be better than the bottleneck of USB2, I guess. What extra part to buy in this case? Thanks in advance!
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