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  1. Yes I try to log on as a normal user and root the same problem.
  2. Hello I`m download newest version Armbian desktop for my Orange Pi. Install the following packages sudo apt-get install tightvncserver sudo apt-get install xrdp But I have error when I want connect to desktop from my Windows 7 Additional I try to connect use VNC Viewer but resulution is small and visual desktop is other the wwhen I`m normally attach HDMI monitor to OPI.
  3. Yes. It`s any possible to rework that? any resistor help?
  4. I`m observe that often [0,0,0] (turnoff) is RED.
  5. Update code But nothing chnage (however i just lern how to use "" twice Thanks (\" did`t know\" ) import os import time White = "/root/Downloads/ws2812-spi/ -c \"[[255,255,255]]\" -n 1" Green = "/root/Downloads/ws2812-spi/ -c \"[[0,255,0]]\" -n 1" Blue = "/root/Downloads/ws2812-spi/ -c \"[[0,0,255]]\" -n 1" Red = "/root/Downloads/ws2812-spi/ -c \"[[255,0,0]]\" -n 1" Off = "/root/Downloads/ws2812-spi/ -c \"[[0,0,0]]\" -n 1" y = 0.5 while True: os.system(White) print("white") time.sleep(y) os.system(Off) print("sleep") time.sleep(y) os.system(Blue) time.sleep(y) os.system(Off) time.sleep(y) os.system(Green) time.sleep(y) os.system(Off) time.sleep(y)
  6. Update, something work but colors is different that should be back to you first script please check the video the colors is diifren than code (RED is note in Code) VID_20200106_171151.mp4
  7. I paste the code what You wrote and perform some updates Unfortunately it`s not work However I make some short script like You mentioned before and it`s work but it`s something wrong the RGB LED sometime when should be "off" [(black) (0,0,0)] sometimes shines as RED.
  8. I`m really need update script in Python Do You have idea how to update this script for example to kept the same effect what You wrote ?
  9. Hello few day ago I install one again ARMBIAN in my OPI WIN PLUS this version When I was typing armbian-config The loading config setting was missing sudo apt-get install armbian-config and after install. when I login via putty I see screen like below before that I don`t have any main screen Could You advice what`s heppen (when I was first install those image (.5.3.13_desktop.img.gz) I`m remember the OPI WIN screen.
  10. Yes I know how to generate colors But won`t work I don`t know where to paste this script of different colors.
  11. I just uninstall python-numpy an color back to normal. I would like to wrote some short code for change colors in python Could You advice how to implement this commands for code
  12. Hello I just reinstall Armbian and RGB led start work However after update sudo apt install python-numpy My LED colors is change now off is red and other colors is diffrent Could You advice why? ?
  13. I try to but not works right now. I have enough of this I just copy my old files to new image and install other stuff.