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  1. Hello Could You advice it` s possible to run emulator for SNES game on armbian at OPI WIN. I`m already run NES game but try to instal other SNES emulator don`t work Thanks in advance.
  2. Could You help me When i turn on/off the 37 port in gpio readall The port 31 is change Could You advice what`s happen see screen
  3. It `s somethin doing cracy now 0 work correctly
  4. Hello I just tested with parameter "0" not work, but echo 37 > /sys/class/gpio/export - init option to work (on ,off) echo "out" > /sys/class/gpio/gpio37/direction - turn On echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio37/value - turn Off Thank You
  5. OK thanks Turn on works, how to turn off
  6. Hi thanks for reply . Look`s like not work
  7. Hello Could You advice how to steering my GPIO output I need set "+" for this 4 canal 31 33 35 37 I already have the connect but can`t fine tutorial on web how to do it.
  8. Hello I have desktop version and I can`t on the AV sound card. The sound works on HDMI. Could You advice how to do it? I`m try to this solution but sound card is still not available. alsamixer is diffren
  9. Hello I have orange PI win plus I just share Disk USB on Lan. I would like to share this disk use orange wi-fi to my TV Short Need see files on TV use WI-Fi connection. Could You advice how to proceed thaht ?
  10. Hello I`m install armbian 5.60 on my Orange Pi WinPlus and next VNS server and connect from Windows use the VNC Viever but the desktop is missing I see just this screen Not sure but meyb I instal the server version How I can check this and if it`s it`s possible to update for desktop version My SD card have only 2GB . Regards