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  1. So I got tired of my fan platform (see above) being always on even when I did not need the cooling, so I built a simple controller using a USB relay module. I stripped off part of the USB cable for the fan platform, cut the red wire and connected it to the relay like this. The black wire is untouched. Connections to COM, and NO of the relay module (no soldering needed). The USB->Serial adapter showed up in lsusb but not as /dev/ttyUSB0. I needed to
  2. Hi I was trying to setup my RK3328 based A5X Max tv box running armbian ( a fairly recent version 4.4.154 based) as an access point. Yesterday I tried the armbian-config option, and it downloaded/setup things and the access point worked. Because I only need it as an access point sometimes, I went back through armbian-config and turned it off. Today I tried to go through armbian-config and start an access point again, and I see the access point option has disappeared from Networking in armbian-config. !!! Has something changed recently? I might have done
  3. That was quick Is it a 4GB version? Can you please run on the pi 4 sysbench cpu --cpu-max-prime=20000 run and sysbench cpu --num-threads=4 --cpu-max-prime=20000 run to do a simple cpu performance comparison with this post?
  4. I see events/sec on the A5X Max RK3328 box to be higher, about 950 (even above 1000 sometimes). Temperature goes up to 85 though if you run for a while without the fan .... sysbench cpu --num-threads=4 --cpu-max-prime=20000 run Threads started! CPU speed: events per second: 945.34 General statistics: total time: 10.0028s total number of events: 9460 Latency (ms): min: 3.88 avg: 4.23 max: 39.99
  5. @hexdump Yes I gathered that but can you generate a dts from the device tree dir structure. It is much easier to compare and merge dts tree files (after sorting). @Sico The red light does not mean much. On the A5X Max we had most things working even though the light was red. Are you trying all your experiments with both SD and USB at the same time?
  6. It is possible that the DDR settings for 4GB RAM is different from the DDR settings for 2GB RAM. You could try to find the android dtb, on the box, decompile it to dts, and replace the ddr settings in your dtb with the ones in the android dtb. You can find the android dtb either using adb, or finding a firmware update from the vendor and splitting it up. Both ways are talked about on earlier posts on this thread. In general, comparing the android dtb with the one you are using and selectively copying sections in the dts is a worthwhile effort. Good luck
  7. Try the dtb for boxes with GigE. I know that the a5x and mx10 don't have gigE, and the box-trn9 does. What do you mean by "no inet" vs "no eth0" in your table? Are you using nmtui to configure your network? Check your DNS servers. The last screenshot looks promising. Can you ping the router?
  8. Thanks madmalkav. I added @madmalkav s code above to armbian to rc-a5x.c in drivers/media/rc/keymaps/rc-a5x.c , modified the makefile, and rc-map.h (added a define for RC_MAP_A5X), built installed the kernel and modules. I also changed the dts ir-receiver node to use rc-a5x instead of rc-trn9 3019c3019 < linux,rc-map-name = "rc-a5x"; --- > linux,rc-map-name = "rc-trn9"; I also systemctl disable lircd which I had installed before. Not needed if you don't have it installed. The remote seems to be working, at least some of it. The volume/mute
  9. % evtest /dev/input/event2 shows me the keypress codes. If you have installed lircd you have to stop it for evtest to work. Try adding a platform fan. I found the A5X MAX even at 1296Mhz can go upto 100C when playing video on a browser. A platform fan, no mods needed takes the temp down 15-20 C, if you mod the case you might have even better cooling.
  10. There seems to be 2 approaches to the remotectl in the dts. The android boxes use the ir_key entries in the pwm node, while some older dts like box-trn9 use the ir-receiver node in the dts. I put both of them in, so I could try them out, but I had better luck with the ir-receiver node, as I could cat one of the dev files and see activity when I pressed the remote buttons. I also see a module rc-trn9 loaded. So I disabled the pwm entry and focused on the ir-receiver which I think had a better chance. I did nor try the config file changes. Do you have the remotectl working for libreelec with th
  11. Update on the A5X MAX. I made some modifications to the dts file, mostly merging sections from android and other files. These include dram and Wifi settings for the A5X MAX. The blue led also works now. Attached my latest dts. Max freq is 1296, temp limits are 90C,105C and 110C. None of the changes are very important, use at your own risk. I could get USB webcams to work by enabling some USB AUDIO and VIDEO parameters in the .config and building/installing the kernel. Got a USB fan platform , on which you can place the A5X MAX (no modifications) and ge
  12. It is definitely not silent, you can hear the fan. I tried a sound meter on my phone from 1 foot away, and it registered 38 db (whisper) If it bothers you just run armbianmonitor and look at the temperature The bigger problem is it runs even after the box is shutdown, but that is probably a problem with the A5X Max or the dtb I am using.
  13. It looks like no one has yet got it running on the A5X Plus, which means a little more work for you. The first thing to do is trying the different rk3328 dtb s in /boot/dtb/rockchip/ by modifying /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf s FDT field. Read the first post of this thread and use the latest armbian image from the yadi link. If you are lucky one of those dtb s will take you further. For my A5X MAX it was the rk3328-evb.dtb Or you can look at this thread and get a TV Box known to work with Armbian
  14. I just bought a USB cooling fan platform. Came to about $5 with the coupons which popped up. It is about the size of the TV BOX. You Just put the A5X MAX on top of it. The A5X MAX has holes on the bottom of the box. The fan pushes air into the box. I have not made any other holes in the A5X MAX box. I tried, 3 tests 1. Idle. Just running armbianmonitor-m. The temps without the fan are 55-60C, with the fan