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  1. This is very useful information, as i'm planning to have boot root (SD) and data (SATA mirror) encrypted, with BTRFS on top. Better get started the good way. @djurny : did you come across good links explaining the differences / risks of cbc versus xtc, or even essiv versus plain64 ? Found this guide for the root fs : And the data fs i should be able to do with a keyfile on the rootfs. I think it needs to be 2x LUKS and BTRFS "mirror" on top, so i could actually benefit from the self healing functionality, in case of a scrub. @gprovost : am i correct to understand the CESA will be used automatically by dm-crypt, if aes-cbc-essiv (or another supporter cypher) is used ? Also looking forward to read updated performance numbers, to understand if it would be worth modifying the openssl libraries or not.
  2. Koen

    Helios4 Support

    I guess we know what DPD should do then for its delays and tracking issues. Imho, since my understanding is you need a microSD card to get started (even if you eventually would choose to install to USB / SATA), is it would be good if it were included (even at extra cost) so one can get started once the kit arrives; or at least made more clear it's something to procure separately. Anyway, i hope to soon take it for a spin.
  3. Koen

    Helios4 Support

    Finally my purchase arrived. I was so excited to check it out, but no microSD in the box. I thought i had read something about a sandisk UHS-I 16Gb card being in the bundle, @gprovost ?
  4. It could be interesting to see the test repeated while on a LUKS encrypted filesystem?