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  1. @AgentPete Are you talking about OMV web interface ? This has nothing to do with Helios4, but looks like jimandroidpc above had the same issue and found the solution here :
  2. @devman Would be great to reproduce the issue but with a computer connected to Helios4 serial console to see what happens when system crash. Few thing to setup first : 1. Disable watchdog service: systemctl disable watchdog.service 2. Edit /boot/armbianEnv.txt and add : extraargs=ignore_loglevel Reboot system Connect to serial console and log-in, then do dmesg -n 7 dmesg -w Then let it run until system crash, and hopefully you manage to catch some stuff.
  3. @taziden @devman Can you both run armbianmonitor -u and post the link here. Yeah you could test that then, it would be helpful to narrow down the issue. Hmmm it reboots but not hangs ? That is strange. How long in total have you been running your Helios4 for ? Just in case, do you have watchdog service running ? ( systemctl status watchdog.service ) Just trying to eliminate software issue.
  4. You can disable armbian-ramlog in /etc/default/armbian-ramlog this way way hopefully next time it crash you see something in /var/log. You will need to reboot after disabling armbian-ramlog. @taziden Maybe you can do the same in order to see what's happening.
  5. Ok let's stick to IRC, then you need to post the info here how to connect. Would it make sense to go through each issues one by one (backlog + the ones we are supposed to fill up by the end of this week) and see if it goes or not into releases 20.05 ? You and Lanefu will make the first call if yes or no it goes in 20.05 and if anyone object it should voice out and explain why we should or not make part of 20.05. Then for the issue you need to figure out who he's in charge of the issue ? Hopefully someone is already in charge or you need to call someone to take charge of the issue. Then at the end you sum-up for each contributor their list of issues they need to take care off and see if any red flag (e.g someone seems to have too many issue to resolve for its available bandwidth). Just some suggestions on how you guys should drive the chat, you don't want everyone to talk at the same time. Beside you and lanefu, we should be in listen mode and only interact when necessary or asked.
  6. Actually would have been nice to open an Armbian Slack (Nonprofits) Workspace since it's free and interacts very well with Jira. @sfx2000 It's a cool suggestion and nice of you, but I personally think that it will be more efficient to use IRC / Slack to perform such discussion. The chat history log will be useful to clarify anything if needed later on... with audio too many info get redirect to /dev/null
  7. @pekkal @taziden Yes could be a failing PSU. Unfortunately some PSU are using a brand of capacitor that doesn't fulfill their advertise MTBF :-/ So better you check with a voltmeter you still get 12V between the (+) and (-) pins. @jimandroidpc What kind of crash you are referring ? after OMV update can you SSH in or use serial console ? It seems your issue is a failing OMV upgrade, something not related to hardware. Is it an just update or an upgrade (OMV4 to OMV5) you are doing ?
  8. @ParanoiK We didn't forget you. We are still working on our wiki, once we publish those info I will ping you here.
  9. If the device you slot in the M.2 is not a M.2 SATA device then yes you can use it independently. So yes the M.2 can be then used for NPU or WWAN modules in conjunction with a HDD/SSD connected to SATA port 1.
  10. @Igor Thanks for pinpointing outdated info, I just updated our wiki @DocViper Yes as Igor explained, max volume / partition size on 32bit arch is 16TB. So to use more than 16TB of storage space you will have to break it down into more then one volume.
  11. @Dread_Lensman Please send us an email to with your order ID, then we will see how we can help you to replace your faulty PSU.
  12. RK3399Pro is not pin compatible with RK3399 and would require a complete new PCB layout.
  13. Nothing strange in the log. Next time the glitch happen, run the same command before you reboot. Thanks.
  14. Yes exactly this model, we are actually waiting for sample of this upcoming NPU device.
  15. Effectively I should have blurred the domain info, I made the assumption it was one of those domains from anonymizer email portal Yup happy to that and move on And be sure we appreciate to you seem to very interested by our board. Maybe @aprayoga can bring a bit of clarification here about the the chance that the work that has been done U-boot mainline could translate into not having to use RKBIN preloader one day. Yeah the main reason we added the M.2 SSD slot was to give more option in term of enclosure design for people having specific use case to address. The other reason is that the M.2 Slot has also USB 2.0 interface and can be used to installed NPU extension board.