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  1. @PEW Honestly you should do a fresh install, we don't recommend upgrade from OMV4 to OMV5, it was too much of a big transition between the 2 version to result in a proper upgrade, without even taking in consideration OS upgrade (Stretch to Buster).
  2. @PEW Don't forget to reboot after disabling the watchdog.
  3. Were there new microSD cards ? which model ? How long before it starts to show this issue ?
  4. @PEW Can you check if watchdog service is running (systemctl status watchdog.service), if yes then you could also disable it to remove and see if you still experience reboot.
  5. @fri.K That's very interesting info and not the first time NFS has been pointed as a possible root cause : Have you tried some different NFS block sizes (wsize and rsize) settings on your client side ? or maybe reduce the number of NFS daemon ? Because most probably under NFS load with default settings the system reach a unresponsive state and the hw watchdog kicks in and reset the system. Check if watchdog service is running (systemctl status watchdog.service), if yes then you could also disable it to remove it from the equation during your troubleshooting.
  6. @sandeepnd Hard to find a replacement in India. I will contact you by PM to find another solution.
  7. @sandeepnd Most probably it's again a dying PSU not providing enough voltage for the HDD to spin-up, it you read this thread you will see that it has been a recurrent problem. We provided instruction in the past posts to check the voltage on the Molex connector. Which country are you located ? Can provide you a link of a good replacement. Yes you can plug your HDD on any other machine that run Linux, you might need to install mdadm package if not present already : @bramirez Good to see you fixed it. Out of curiosity when you say update, you mean upgrade from what version to what version ?
  8. Go on amazon and look for TAIFU or KFD 12V 8,33A. Ok keep us updated.
  9. That's for sure a failing PSU, not a board problem. Yes we are using the same 4-pin pinout than Synology, so it will be ok.
  10. @Jeremy Carter First you should stop using the PSU if it's unable to supply to correct voltage otherwise you might damage the drive. The ticking noise is drives trying to spine up but then PSU fails to absorb current spike and then voltage drops then drives reset. You can try to look for a replacement online, but I know in some country not easy to find. An alternative would be to find a 12V / 8A PSU with the normal DC-IN jack (easier to find), then cut the cable with DC connector and swap it with the one of the failed PSU. If none of the above works for you, you can PM an we can sell you one of the Helios4 spare PSU we still have in stock.
  11. Any chance you have a USB3.0 Flash dongle around, to check if at least you can detect. Mouse is only USB2.0.
  12. 3A Max budget. Budget is both ports. So if one draw 2A, only 1A remains for the other one. Do you have another USB device connected ? If not, then there is no reason it doesn't work. What's the HDD model you are using ?
  13. Could be that the power used from all USB devices exceed the max power budget of the USB power rail. Do you have more than one device connected ? What Orico model you are referring to ?
  14. @bigbrovar You are asking a general Linux question, this is not hardware specific. Search for 'linux iscsi server' and you will find plenty of tutorial online. It doesn't matter that the client is a different architecture.
  15. Well actually it's still a good sign the system can boot up even though it hangs at very early stage. Yes could be a dying power adapter. To confirm, need to measure the voltage point I posted previously.