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  1. @Userlab 1/ RK3399 support max 4GB RAM, so we already at the max here. For ECC feature, yes we would upgrade to 4GB if one day such 16Gb SDRAM with ECC exists. Yes eMMC is soldered-on. So if need more, need to reball yourself yes. But not use other form of storage (m.2 ssd, sdcard or usb stick) ? 3/ Maybe at later stage will have a 2.5" design. BTW there is someone already designing one for 3D printer.
  2. This is the expected behavior. You cannot wake-up Helios4 when is halted, only when it's suspended.
  3. At later stage we will introduce a variant using SDRAM with on-die ECC feature. We are still waiting the 8Gb version to hit the market.
  4. Thanks for the order ;-) Yes it will be possible. But actually there is on-board eMMC, so don't need sd-card. Many combination will be possible, since we have on-board SPI NOR Flash, eMMC NAND Flash.
  5. The price on our shop are in USD.
  6. @GMR I replied to your email you sent me. This is definitively a dying PSU. Better you stop trying to use it. Let's carry on by email for the after sale support. ;-)
  7. Yes it's normal. As indicated on our wiki : I know red LED means error, but since it was difficult to distinguish between a the first sync during setup and a sync that is due to some error, we made it generic. Can find the script here which trigger the led.
  8. We will post all those info in due time on out wiki, still so many things to do :-/. Typical idle power consumption of Helios64 with 5x WD RED is between 25-30W. Obviously power consumption will depends a lot on HDD brand / model you use. The reason of 120 watt PSU is you need to take in consideration current spike during HDD spin-up start, and you should always provision for a bigger PSU because PSU becomes less effective with time and you want to be sure the power budget is always easily covered by the PSU. But using your Helios4 PSU will do the job too because we are able to mitigate HDD spin-up current spike with on board power sequencing. I post some of the pics here
  9. @dkxls Right now we are too busy on Helios64. Our wiki is open to contribution, so would be greatly appreciated if you or someone else compile all the useful info on this thread into a wiki page. We are using mkdocs, so it's pretty straight forward to write a page.
  10. @MellowLizard I didn't pay attention that you provided the key ID, that's effectively ours which means you download an image that we built ourselves on our wiki. Please find attached our PGP PUB key that was used to sign the image. kobol-pgp-pub.key
  11. From where did you downloaded the image ? From armbian repo or from our wiki ( ?
  12. @lloyd094 When you did the test (drive by drive), all the other drives are disconnected even from the power yes ? Effectively your 'delta' disk might have issue, but could also be a faulty power cable or sata cable. Anyway I think it's better we stop the test here. The results don't make any sense and I don't think we are going to find out the real issue. Please PM me in order to discuss the return of the board for us to test it and fix / replace it if necessary... or any other parts (PSU or cable) that could be the cause.
  13. @lloyd094 Well based on your log now HDDs connected to port 1 and port 3 are detected... so there is no more logic here :/ Can you just test each port one by one with one the SATA cable we know work. I don't know why but I still feel some is wrong either with SATA cable or the PSU. I mean understand, if you sent us the board we are happy to test it and fix it if effectively there is an issue with it. It's just it would be a waste of time and shipping fees if we realize the issue is something else.
  14. Yeah something is really no quite right here. Actually in Test 2 one of the HDD is detected, so could still be a SATA cable/connection issue. Any chance you have some spare SATA cable from somewhere else that you could try ?