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  1. WoL feature is not yet supported because suspend mode was not yet supported until now. Suspend mode has been recently added for Pinebook Pro (RK3399) in kernel mainline, so just a question of time before we got this on Helios64.
  2. Can you share more info because cannot say much based on the few input you provided ps -o pid,user,%mem,command ax | sort -b -k3 -r top -b -n 1 and the link generated by armbianmonitor -u
  3. Yes unfortunately nand-sata-install does not work the other way around, I'm looking at it currently since there was another use case related to install on OS rootfs on HDD that wasn't also supported. The step for you case should be : 1. First boot the system on a microSD card with a fresh install of Armbian. 2. Copy rootfs from old destination (HDD) to new destination (eMMC) mkdir /mnt/rfs_new /mnt/rfs_old mount /dev/mmcblk2p1 /mnt/rfs_new/ mount /dev/sdX1 /mnt/rfs_old/ rsync -avrlt --delete --exclude-from=/usr/lib/nand-sata-install/exclude.txt
  4. Will the runners of the CI pipeline be VMs running latest Armbian OS version in which we test armbian-config ? Because a docker deployment can fail for 2 category of reasons, the container / compose file issues or because of the host OS itself. So to catch the second category we need to emulate the Armbian OS host.
  5. Right now we still have a bit of difficulty to distinguish between ATA errors related to cable issue (something that we are addressing with a new PCB back-plane) and ATA errors potentially due to the SATA controller. For the latest one we are asking help from JMicron, but the issue is that we don't have an easy way to reproduce the error. The issue that might be related to SATA controller seems to only show up with BTRFS and ZFS while doing some scrubbing. Do you guys have a suggestion for a simple reproducible test starting from scratch (no data on HDD) ? Thanks for your help.
  6. I really like the idea to put the constrain that all 3rd party applications must only be supported through containers. That will clearly help to improve user experience thanks to well maintained container but mainly avoid app installation that would potentially mess up the OS. We need to think of a way to list in the menu the already installed containers (of course only list the container installed by armbian-config). Also the question will be do we want to make docker and docker-compose packages a dependency of new armbian-config ? I think we should, it will make thing easier... but of course
  7. What happen when you press the button check ?
  8. Ok here the dirty way to update it in your specific case where eMMC is at /dev/mmcblk1 We will work on nand-sata-install to support the use case of rootfs on HDD/SSD and bootloader on eMMC.
  9. @Gareth Halfacree Can you provide the output of the 2 following commands. lsblk and cat /proc/mounts
  10. Humm that's funny. You can call directly the sub app that is in charge of installing / updating bootloader. $> nand-sata-install You should use option 5.
  11. in /usr/sbin/fancontrol you can comment the lines 517 & 518 to achieve what you want. #trap 'restorefans 0' SIGQUIT SIGTERM #trap 'restorefans 1' SIGHUP SIGINT You will need to stop and restart the service in order for it to take effect systemctl restart fancontrol.service
  12. @SymbiosisSystems Does the same issue happen with a fresh install on legacy (LK 4.4) ?
  13. You can install watchdog service and make use of the RK3399 hardware watchdog apt-get install watchdog
  14. We are coming up soon with a change that will finally improve DVFS stability.