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  1. Hi all, firstly a big thank you for everyones hard work on this! It's awesome I have a weird problem with my S912 based box with gigabit ethernet, all appears ok and indeed will be for days at a time IF the NIC never really gets used much. As soon as I start shoving traffic down it eventually it kinda starts stalling, stops responding then eventually pretty much dies altogether. I'm not sure if it's significant but if I load up the NIC in both directions simultaneously with iPerf3 I got about 900Mbit down and about 80Mbit up but if I just transmit I get 900+Mbit and if I just receive I get 900+Mbit. I'd of thought I would of got a more balanced result here when testing simultaneously in both directions? As an example of when the NIC starts dying during a recent ping test to it it dropped 188 packets then responded with some pretty incredible latency then stopped again as you can see here: http://pasted.co/0bd5d8aa Any ideas anyone? Thanks in advance! UPDATE 1: Oddly I've noticed I start a ping from the S912 box the response times are slow but WAY faster then if i start a ping from the box it's pinging (so one way round is 100x faster round trip wise)... plus it also seems if i start a ping from the S912 box i then get a response from the other clients ping requests otherwise it doesn't respond. For reference it's using RTL8211F chipset if it matters. UPDATE 2: If i down the interface and bring it back up on the box with an ifconfig eth0 down && ifconfig eth0 up it brings it back to life and it starts operating normally again. UPDATE 3: I believe the problem has been fixed using this patch - https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/10712159/ massive thanks to ccaione on #linux-amlogic on IRC for his help on this!