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  1. Great work... Good to have someone with the knowledge, skills and equipment. Is there any possibility that you have calibrated equipment to measure the case temperature in each step? I'm pretty sure untempered v1.4 boards run quite a lot hotter (ref. finger test).
  2. Well, of course you know much better, I only used it on OPi devices and legacy OS. I wrote an installation script similar to what DietPi does (1's or 0's to turn features on and off). If GPIO is on, it handles the groups/users stuff, downloads and compiles related repository for WiringPi. Much work to go of course for adding stuff like MQTT or OpenHub etc. But I'm sure it will be much difficult for so many devices and multiple OS versions...
  3. I've got confirmation that the links are corrected, I waited for them to announce it here but anyway. @Igor can you please cross-check it if you have time
  4. I just received information that both our e-mails reached them. They will be working on it and make it available on Monday...
  5. Well, I'm pretty sure they can understand English. But I'm here to help of course... We are already in contact with @guidol
  6. @mebinpm Awhile ago I was the one who opened such a discussion here and got lots of help... It did not completely solve it but turning off/on the HDMI was the solution... I did it though a C program I wrote (the setup has a shutdown button)...
  7. These figures are consistent with my results in the original post. Even 3-4 degrees hotter, but that may depend on the environment...
  8. It also not so easy to measure the ripples of the SPS's with an oscilloscope. I tried and failed... Grounding, noise etc play a major role and my setup could not overcome these... Very good PIN-UP btw
  9. @chwe I can do that on Wednesday. But what do you expect? When the old version crashed there was a nice odor of electronics (I'm not sure if the board is OK yet). But my point is: It is the OPi Zero case that causes the problem, as there is no airflow design. Without the case it ripples around 55-56 C with "aplay" running.
  10. I used the case yesterday with a v1.1 PCB OPi zero for testing. It was just running "aplay" looping though some songs (strictly less than %5 CPU load). The test started at 46 C and reached 65 C in 10 minutes (full power limit). And 5 minutes after that I had a full system failure and it did not start again (I'll look into it when I have time). So I threw the case away. In this current status the box is not usable without active cooling. As the expansion board covers the SOC a fan on the top does nothing and the sides are also not an option. One side is covered by the expansion boar
  11. Thank you. That was what I was looking for I think best way is to clone the build repository and check the differences...
  12. Where can I follow detailed changes in (legacy) Armbian builds? Things such as: motd structure change introduce/remove Network Manager ... I have lots of setup scripts manipulating (e.g. using sed) the default Armbian files and they break if stuff changes... Are these changes coming from Ubuntu or from Armbian? Thanks a lot.
  13. Sorry, I don't get this... Do you want to use a USB sound card as a IR transmitter/receiver?