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  1. thanks guidol, now I'm almost sure that it depends on some software problem. One odd thing is that I can not reactivate armbianmonitor -u .
  2. after the automatic update to: Linux 4.19.20-sunxi64 aarch64 #5.75 SMP I have these problems: armbianmonitor -u no longer creates the link. the cpu temperature corresponds to that of the external sensor the /etc/default/cpufrequtils file has changed and the cpu frequency has decreased to 120 mhz Is there anyone who has the pizeroplus (h5) and who can check if it has similar values?
  3. mantouboji, you can give this command: cat /sys/kernel/debug/pinctrl/1c20800.pinctrl/pinmux-pins, and cat /sys/kernel/debug/pinctrl/pinctrl-maps you should have the sensor connected to pin 37 and the PA20 in your armbianEnv.txt: instead there seems to be PA10. can you put a photo of your sensor and how it is connected? ps: the dupont connector in the photo at pin 37 does not appear to be securely attached
  4. someone, can report here the temperatures it detects from its orange pi and what kind of cooling it has (heatsink, fan, etc.). I still do not understand the problem of rpimonitor and armbianmonitor (I would like to understand what is the correct temperature of the CPU) root@server:~# cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp 29750 root@server:~# cat /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp 28798 root@server:~# cat /etc/armbianmonitor/datasources/soctemp 15937
  5. FRANK333

    OrangePi zero not working with 1-wire

    I also had problems working, I reloaded armbian with the new kernel, connected sensor and resistance (checking that the circuit is correct) and works continuously for months. Read my previous posts and connect everything as I did I must work! (from what you posted seems just the sensor that is mounted badly) I'm sorry if I insist.
  6. FRANK333

    OrangePi zero not working with 1-wire

    still have the same problem?
  7. FRANK333

    OPi Zero - add DS18B20 temp sensor at RPi-Monitor

    hi lukaszertel, To create the sensor graph you have to decomment include=/etc/rpimonitor/template/dht11.conf in the file /etc/rpimonitor/data.conf Then go with nano /etc/rpimonitor/template/dht11.conf and modify the temperature sensor code you can comment on the humidity parameters to not see them anymore. Below here, there is the modified dh11 file for your external sensor
  8. so the values I read here might be right: could be a bug in the rpimonitor program? now really, I do not know what temperature is the right temperature for the cpu, even knowing that the outside temperature is about 10 degrees.
  9. After the automatic update to kernel 4.19.17 the CPU temperature is wrong and much higher, also in dmesg there are these errors OPzero+ has a heatsink and a fan, and the use of the cpu is always very low here the graphs. The temperature of the external sensor is correct. I ask if anyone has the same problem as me and how it could be solved.
  10. FRANK333

    OrangePi zero not working with 1-wire

    martin, I wrote this, because I think that mantouboji has connected badly the sensor.
  11. FRANK333

    OrangePi zero not working with 1-wire

    mantouboji, must work! What kind of sensor have you connected (to92 or waterproof type) and above all is connected as in my diagram above and in the photo? Have you tried to connect the sensor on another device?
  12. I found the way to install, keep updated and easily uninstall plexmediaserver without using armbian-config. here is the link I used the version arm64 / ARMv8 and on OPzeroplus with H5 works very well.
  13. FRANK333

    OrangePi zero not working with 1-wire

    that's what I doubted. Thank you for answering me Martin, Happy Holidays!
  14. FRANK333

    OrangePi zero not working with 1-wire

    Ok martinayotte, I'll do as you say. I ask you: could you look for the differences between the two versions (nightly and mainline) in the 1wire software or is it an impossible procedure?