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    FRANK333 got a reaction from Spaniard in OPzero+ H5 ,after update 4.19.17 ,the CPU temperature is wrong.   
    After the automatic update to kernel 4.19.17 the CPU temperature is wrong and much higher, also in dmesg there are these errors
    OPzero+ has a heatsink and a fan, and the use of the cpu is always very low here the graphs.
    The temperature of the external sensor is correct.
    I ask if anyone has the same problem as me and how it could be solved.
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    FRANK333 got a reaction from WarHawk_AVG in orange pizero plus plexmediaserver   
    I found the way to install, keep updated and easily uninstall plexmediaserver without using armbian-config. here is the link I used the version arm64 / ARMv8 and on OPzeroplus with H5 works very well.