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    In case anyone is interested, a Helios 4 is for sale in the UK on eBay -
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    @jimbolaya, I know it's quite late, ch341 driver would be included on next release. Refer to commit 14a0a54.
    @smith69085, we have updated the wiki page how to use the GPIO  for button. You can take a look on
    But currently the base dtb (armada-388-helios4.dtb) on Armbian 5.91 is still not compiled with overlay support.  You can download the attached dtb, rename and replace the dtb on your system.
    lk4.14_armada-388-helios4.dtb is for Armbian Default (Stretch, Linux Kernel 4.14)
    sudo cp lk4.14_armada-388-helios4.dtb /boot/dtb/armada-388-helios4.dtb  
    lk4.19_armada-388-helios4.dtb is for Armbian Next (Buster, Linux Kernel 4.19)
    sudo cp lk4.19_armada-388-helios4.dtb /boot/dtb/armada-388-helios4.dtb