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  1. It seems I got it... :-( I soldered with flux. I washed it no clean and it shortened Dallas pins. Simply, isn't it.. Kind regards, Ellad
  2. Hello friends! The length of the whole line is approximately 60 cm. I use 6 sensors at all. When they all are online, they are read perfect. OrangePI --6cm-- (4K7) --15cm-- [ba81] --8cm-- [4035] --9cm-- [c554] --10cm-- [5c11] --9cm-- [bbff] --9cm-- [55d9] all are present OrangePI --6cm-- (4k7) --15cm-- [ ] --8cm-- [4035] --9cm-- [ ] --10cm-- [5c11] --9cm-- [bbff] --9cm-- [55d9] two are abscent This always repeats. 6, then 4. then 6, then again 4, again 6. Do you think 3K3 will correct the situation? Kind regards, Ellad
  3. Hello Martin! First of all, I'd like to thank you! You were absolutely right about 4K7. But now I have another problem: may you explain why 2 certain Thermometers of 6 disaplears sometimes, and I should reboot by power cycle my Orange board. Sometimes they come back accidentally. Two certain Dallas-es. Are they broken? And is there way to reset 1-Wire by CLI in Armbian? Kind regards, Ellad
  4. Hello! How to enable 1-Wire Dallas? I tried this: vi /boot/armbianEnv.txt ----------------------------------------------------- overlays=w1-gpio param_w1_pin=PA10 param_w1_pin_int_pullup=1 ----------------------------------------------------- Then I saw /sys/bus/w1/devices 00-400000000000 -> ../../../devices/w1_bus_master1/00-400000000000/ 00-800000000000 -> ../../../devices/w1_bus_master1/00-800000000000/ w1_bus_master1 -> ../../../devices/w1_bus_master1/ But there was not data. I tried this: vi /etc/modules ----------------------------------------------------- g_serial w1-sunxi w1-gpio w1-therm ----------------------------------------------------- ..and I even saw this: lsmod | grep w1 w1_therm 16384 0 w1_gpio 16384 0 wire 28672 2 w1_gpio,w1_therm But with no effect. May you help to understand what's wrong? Kind regards, Ellad
  5. Also may you advise how to set up PWM on this microPC? What pin? How to complete this?
  6. 1) Linux pdu-orange 4.19.20-sunxi64 #5.75 SMP Fri Feb 8 10:29:25 CET 2019 aarch64 GNU/Linux ARMBIAN 5.75 stable Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) 4.19.20-sunxi64 HDMI Cable is working monitor is working (with my PC). But it doesn't show anything. 2) Yep. I tried to reboot controller in both ways. It hangs. No answer for a long time, MAC address on Cisco Switch where it's connected is disappearing. Just after power cycle it is accessed again.
  7. Hello! Anybody help me, please.. How to set up HDMI to connect monitor? How to make it reboot normally on "shutdown -r now"? Kind regards, Ellad
  8. This one: root@pdu-orange:/boot/orangepi# cat /etc/issue Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS \n \l root@pdu-orange:/boot/orangepi# uname -a Linux pdu-orange.eyatsko.msk 3.10.65 #55 SMP PREEMPT Fri Nov 18 16:17:28 CST 2016 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux root@pdu-orange:/boot/orangepi#
  9. I'm afraid I have no such opportunity: echo 29 > /sys/class/gpio_sw/ <Tab> <Tab> <Tab> No such catalog: "/sys/class/gpio/export" May you give me a simple example "to insert".. For example, how to define Pin29 "PA7" a.k.a. "GPIO.21" to make it be "Mode=OUT, V=1" "Twice" - it's because all pins according to "gpio readall" have "0". So Triac will be switched on. Then when OS will be loaded up to my script execution my BASH-script will re-define pins as OUTPUTs and set them to "1". Triac will be switched off.. I'm searching a way to define then INITIALLY to "1" as OUTPUTs. It is not so good for my shelf with Cisco 3560 Switches.. :-) (my home bench for CCNP studying). OrangePiH5orangepi.dts
  10. MOC3063 used... :-) Diagram is from its typical apllication. It works very good. Nothing terrible will happen if there is a delay. Just Triac will be switched twice. I'd like to avoid this. If it is impossible, well... But how to tweak DT? I certainly need this. To define GPIO as OUT and to set it to "LOGICAL ONE". Kind regards and thanx a lot for rapid response, Ellad
  11. Hello Community! File /boot/orangepi/OrangePiH5orangepi.dts is not self-explanatory.. :-( Is there any documentation on how to define GPIO.21 for example for DIGITAL OUTPUT with initial "Logical ONE" at a BOOT time? It will control Triac with 220 Volts on it. IT MUST BE EXACTLY AT HIGH LEVEL AT A BOOT TIME. How to do this? It should be in OUT mode. Any help appreciated!... Regards, Ellad