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  1. There is no such file.
  2. This one: root@pdu-orange:/boot/orangepi# cat /etc/issue Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS \n \l root@pdu-orange:/boot/orangepi# uname -a Linux pdu-orange.eyatsko.msk 3.10.65 #55 SMP PREEMPT Fri Nov 18 16:17:28 CST 2016 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux root@pdu-orange:/boot/orangepi#
  3. I'm afraid I have no such opportunity: echo 29 > /sys/class/gpio_sw/ <Tab> <Tab> <Tab> No such catalog: "/sys/class/gpio/export" May you give me a simple example "to insert".. For example, how to define Pin29 "PA7" a.k.a. "GPIO.21" to make it be "Mode=OUT, V=1" "Twice" - it's because all pins according to "gpio readall" have "0". So Triac will be switched on. Then when OS will be loaded up to my script execution my BASH-script will re-define pins as OUTPUTs and set them to "1". Triac will be switched off.. I'm searching a way to define then INITIALLY to "1" as OUTPUTs. It is not so good for my shelf with Cisco 3560 Switches.. :-) (my home bench for CCNP studying). OrangePiH5orangepi.dts
  4. MOC3063 used... :-) Diagram is from its typical apllication. It works very good. Nothing terrible will happen if there is a delay. Just Triac will be switched twice. I'd like to avoid this. If it is impossible, well... But how to tweak DT? I certainly need this. To define GPIO as OUT and to set it to "LOGICAL ONE". Kind regards and thanx a lot for rapid response, Ellad
  5. Hello Community! File /boot/orangepi/OrangePiH5orangepi.dts is not self-explanatory.. :-( Is there any documentation on how to define GPIO.21 for example for DIGITAL OUTPUT with initial "Logical ONE" at a BOOT time? It will control Triac with 220 Volts on it. IT MUST BE EXACTLY AT HIGH LEVEL AT A BOOT TIME. How to do this? It should be in OUT mode. Any help appreciated!... Regards, Ellad