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  1. Did anyone try to boot from the sdcard and load the rootfs from an usb 3.0 stick? I tried to follow the idea of this article: (Is it allowed to post the link?) I played a little with changing uuids but i dont really had success because I dont know in which file i have to change the uuid in armbian for tv boxes. If someone has a hint or solution I would be very happy and maybe it is a good solution for others too when the emmc can be left untouched. My hardware is A5X max.
  2. I was curious and did some comparison between the A5X Max and the Raspberry Pi 3B+. For the A5X I used the untouched dtb from mb16. Untouched hardware. My Raspi is in a Raspi Housing but no additional cooling. time $(i=0; while (( i < 9999999 )); do (( i ++ )); done) A5X Max @ mb16´s dtb: real: 3m30.129s Raspberry 3B+ real: 4m32m322s sysbench --test=cpu --num-threads=1 --cpu-max-prime=9999 run A5X Max @ mb16´s dtb: 11.3239s Raspberry 3B+ 119.5391s sysbench --test=cpu --num-threads=4 --cpu-max-prime=9999 run A5X Max @ mb16´s dtb: 2.9239s Raspberry 3B+ 34.1830s Interesting results. I did not expect the differences are such high. Next step: try to follow armars infos for BT.
  3. Now the A5X works with integrated wifi! First of all: thx @balbes150 @armar @mb16 !! - I use Armbian_5.68_Rk3328-tv_Debian_stretch_default_4.4.154_20190110.img.xz - download the dts file from mb16 post above. - compile it to dtb file (install device tree compiler to be able to do that: sudo apt-get install device-tree-compiler; you will probably need to use "-W no-unit_address_vs_reg" command with it to proceed) - copy the dtb file to your sd card where all other dtbs are and use it as startup - boot your box - lsmod will now show 8723bs - nmtui directly listed my wifi network; configure it for your needs - now with every startup you have wifi
  4. I am also a user of the A5X Max and it simply works out of the box (without wifi). Big thanks! Unfortunately I am not expert enough to help with finding how that on board wifi works, but my hope is in armar, who seems to be on the right way. Also thanks for that.