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    slaven reacted to armar in Armbian for TV box rk3328   
    I have figured out the why BT was not connecting after reboot. It looks like it conflicts with the blueman manager applet. I found that my BT mouse worked before login and stopped working after login.  Turns out that the Blueman manager powers on the adapter on start (when you login). This probably negates the rtk_hciattach effect.  So I went into the Bluetooth Manager applet (next to wifi on the panel) -> Plugins -> Power Manager -> Configuration  and turned off "Auto Power On". Now the BT mouse connects on reboot when the systemd service bluetooth-module is enabled.
    So the A5X MAX now works with Wifi and BT  (at least with Mouse, not sure  if all BT devices will work).  !!!!
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    slaven reacted to balbes150 in Armbian for TV box rk3328   
    To complete the comparison it is desirable to add how much money is spent on them (for RPi this should include power supply, remote control, SD card, HDMI cable and stuff that is in the TV box).