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  1. Thank you guys for your ideas. Until recently I was behind NAT. Therefore I totally removed the DDNS solution from my thinking. But recently I changed my ISP and I'm not sure now if I'm still behind NAT or not. So I give it a try. I would still like more easier (in terms of setting up and maintenance) solution like TeamViewer, but if DDNS is my only chance, I will be glad for it. Thank you @manuti for pointing me at it.
  2. I run ARMBIAN 5.68 user-built Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS 4.19.13-mt7623 on BananaPi R2. And I use TightVNC server for local access to remote desktop and I'm fine with it for that purpose. But it doesn't solve my need for remote access over the Internet, nor the thread you are pointing me at unfortunately. I know it and went it already through earlier. Yeah, you are right, TeamViewer should work on armhf. But it doesn't. I tried all the available TeamViewer Host versions for armhf, i.e. 12x, 13x and the latest 14x. No one worked for me. But not only for me. I found several posts complaining
  3. Hello, I spent many hours looking for any working solution how to access my Armbian desktop behind NAT and router with not static IP address over Internet. But I failed at all. In the course of my research I tried VNC Connect by RealVNC, TeamViever, AnyDesk and Google Chrome Remote Desktop. And found neither one working on Armbian. The first tree in the list got installed, but not worked. Maybe because all these were built for Rapsbian, not Armbian. The last one did not get installed at all. No idea why. May be because I had to install it into the Chromium browser, not the Chrome a