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    pokkecon got a reaction from JMCC in RK3328 Media Script (Rock64, Renegade)   
    JMCC: You'd asked for a follow-up, I have been using a 4GB Rock64 as a primary desktop machine for about six weeks now using Armbian + your script.

    Thank you very much for the script, being able to use sites like YouTube etc with streaming video and have it work (in full screen) is very nice.

    Chromium is horribly unstable for me, I find that it works well for the first while, but eventually locks up the box almost completely. I ran vmstat on a console to try and figure out what the issue is, I think it is because I have a microSD card for storage and that is basically not a long-term solution, I need an eMMC.

    I was never able to get to get the Rock64 to talk properly to my 27" screen, I always experienced severe tearing and flickering -- I believe I will have fewer problems with a newer screen, so that is another solution I want to try, in the meantime I use a small screen with low resolution -- I will provide more feedback when I have a better storage device and screen, in the meantime I get by and the script helps a lot with getting this SBC to where I need it to be.
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    pokkecon got a reaction from JMCC in RK3328 Media Script (Rock64, Renegade)   
    Running Deluge also causes similar to behaviour to Chromium with half a dozen tabs open -- the machine locks up for a few minutes at a time, with maybe ten seconds of normal responsiveness between slow periods.  At the console with vmstat, I see large swaps right before the GUI becomes responsive again, so I believe it may be thrashing. It seems that any use of swap at all with a microSD card is very bad for performance.