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    erbas reacted to balbes150 in Single Armbian image for RK + AML + AW (aarch64 ARMv8)   
    The start system in Coreelec is not compatible with LibreELECE  Armbian  etc. If you run coreelec on your TV box, you will no longer be able to run LE and Armbian normally until the full recovery of the standard firmware via the USB Burn Tool and the new activation of the universal multi-boot, which is used in all new systems.
    Questions that do not specify exact details (the exact image version, TV box model, detailed steps that were performed for DTB settings, and so on) will be ignored and deleted.
    For all. I don't support s905x3. I don't have this equipment. All messages about this platform deleted. What works or doesn't work from this equipment - I don't know. I do not give any answers or comments on the s905x3 chip.
    The build and publication of unified test images with a common core for the Rockchip Amlogic Allwinner platform begins.
    Now you can download the latest versions of images and DEB packages from the official Armbian resource via the link.
    Pay attention. Starting from version 20.08 (20200814), the configuration order for the used DTB changes.
    Please note that the algorithm for initial configuration of the system for startup has changed. Instead of a file "uEnv.txt", the file "/extlinux/extlinux.conf " is now used. The rules for editing a file remain the same.
    All Amlogic models now need the "u-boot.ext" file.
    Before launching on Amlogic, you must copy or rename one of the existing files "u-boot-*" to "u-boot.ext".
    For s905 (not X) - used u-boot-s905
    For s905x and s912 - used u-boot-s905x-s912
    For s905x2 and s922 - used u-boot-s905x2-s922
    For g12a\g12b models, a single file is now used (files and u-boot.usb now replaces one u-boot-s922 file).
    For the Allwinner platform, you no longer need to rename the scripts "boot.scr".
    All "boot.scr" scripts have been canceled and are not used.
    How to run these images on the Amlogic platform .
    Now all images Armbian and LE has all the files for activate the multi-boot. Anything addition to download and copy to media is not required.
    1. Download the image for your device
    2. Unpack
    3. Burn the image on the medium
    4. Configure in the file (uEnv.txt) launch parameters for the desired platform and model (uncomment the desired lines and comment out or delete unused ones)
    If universal multi-upload has not yet been activated on this device, you need to activate it once. There are several options for activating multi-loading.
    option A
    - Connect the prepared media to the device and turn on the power, boot into Android
    - Open the app "Update&Backup"
    - Click on "Select" local update and chose the file on the removable media
    - Start "Update"
    - System will reboot twice and start running the system from external media.
    option B
    -  try using the "toothpick method"
    How to run these images on the Rockchip and Allwinner platform .
    1. Download the image for your device
    2. Unpack
    3. Burn the image on the medium
    4. Configure in the file (uEnv.txt) launch parameters for the desired platform and model (uncomment the desired lines and comment out or delete unused ones)
    5. If your device does not support USB startup , you can only use SD cards and you need to add the correct u-boot to the SD card (for details on how to add it, see the text of this message)
    6. Connect the prepared media to the device and turn on the power
    Please note that the DTB configuration order has changed.
    Now a single configuration method is used for all Rockchip Allwinner Amlogic platforms. The file (uEnv.txt) is used for configuration DTB all platforms. 
    Now a single configuration method is used for all platforms, using the file (uEnv.txt). You need to edit this file to configure it. You need to uncomment the two lines that are responsible for your platform and specify the correct DTB for your model. If you use this image to run on the one platform, you can delete it from the settings file (uEnv.txt) strings from other platforms.
    Need to pick up the option for the file system will run. Pay attention, after you add\change the dtb file, you need to try to run the system and waiting to run 7-10 minutes. If not happened, repeat with a different dtb file.
    Pay attention.
    The installation algorithm in eMMC has changed. My recommend that you perform a clean installation in eMMC. Be sure to make a full backup of eMMC before installing it in eMMC.
    The system installation scripts in eMMC have changed accordingly. If you have a system with eMMC core 5 installed on RK33xx, it is advisable to perform a clean installation in eMMC to upgrade to the new version. 
    For the aw H6 platform, all scripts are already in the image (which have the ending aw). You need to rename the files with the replacement (remove the ".aw" ending).
    Fix for correct color to G12 (Amlogic S905X2 S922X)
    For models based on g12 (s905x2 s922), which have a problem not the correct color , 
    If you are starting the system from an SD card, you need to copy file to u-boot.ext,
    If you are starting the system from an USB, you need to copy file  u-boot.usb to u-boot.ext
    When installing in eMMC, you do not need to do anything with your hands, the installation script itself will perform the necessary system configuration and when running from eMMC, the system will work with the correct color.
    Please note, this version for the transition to the release of a single image for the platform Rockchip + Amlogic + Allwinner. The new image after writing to external media and after configuring the used dtb (and if necessary adding the desired u-boot option to run from the SD card on the Rockchip and Allwinner) can be used simultaneously on AML (s9xxx), RK (rk3399 and rk3328) and AW (H6). If the TV boxes RK (rk3328 and rk3399) and AW (H6) in eMMC installed a new version of u-boot  with support for starting the system with USB, adding u-boot to SD card is not required, the system will automatically start on with USB.
    Important change. With this version (>= 20200218), you can easily add the desired u-boot on any PC (including Windows) .
    To do this, new versions of u-boot are downloaded on the site.

    Rules for using the new u-boot option. Download, Armbian image, unpack. Write image Armbian to the SD card. Download and write the desired version of the u-boot file to SD card. Configure the DTB and the launch string (APPEND) in (uEnv.txt) for the desired model\platform.
    Pay attention. Now you don't need to write u-boot with complex commands, you write the u-boot image with the same program as you usually write an Armbian image. This allows you to configure the system to run (including writing a u-boot image) on any PC (including Windows).
    Pay attention. The new version changed the size of the partitions that are obtained when writing an image (all images have a fixed size of 5GB).  This u-boot entry option only applies to the new version 20200218 and subsequent versions. Don't try this for old images. This will not work on older images.
    OLD add u-boot
    For RK33xx
    if you have windows and can't use the add u-boot commands to the SD card, use the SD+USB combination , write only the new u-boot to the SD card, and write the Armbian image to a USB storage device. And connect them together to the TV box.
    To turn on the sound on models AML
    where it is not present after the initial start. To enable audio , run the script (  You need to run the script
    Odroid N2
    When starting from an SD card on Odroid N2, you must, after recording the image, write uboot to the SD card, configure uEnv.txt, additionally rename the script ( in (boot.scr). To be able to start any system from any media (USB SD eMMC), i'm recommend using the updated version of u-boot-SPI. Details about u-boot-SPI for Odroid N2 can be found here.
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    erbas reacted to olivluca in Armbian for Amlogic S9xxx kernel 5.x   
    @erbas I didn't pursue this further. I'm currently running libreelec but with kernel 3.14, as it seems nobody has a working dtb for newer kernels and I'm not able to write one. With libreelec the dvb driver more or less works but worse than under android (with android I can tune both dvb-s/s2 muxes as well as dvb-t, with libreelec I have more difficulty tuning some dvb-s/s2 muxes and cannot tune dvb-t at all).
    Perhaps later I'll try armbian again on this box, but for the time being libreelec it is.
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    erbas reacted to olivluca in Installation in Mecool KI Pro   
    @pepesuriano if you're still following the forum, does the dvb-s2 tuner work with armbian?
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    erbas reacted to balbes150 in New branch for version assembly Armbian for TV boxes.   
    The official git armbian\build adds the tvboxes test branch. Everyone is invited to participate in the development , testing and maintenance of different models of TV boxes.