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    erbas reacted to olivluca in Armbian for Amlogic S9xxx kernel 5.x   
    @erbas I didn't pursue this further. I'm currently running libreelec but with kernel 3.14, as it seems nobody has a working dtb for newer kernels and I'm not able to write one. With libreelec the dvb driver more or less works but worse than under android (with android I can tune both dvb-s/s2 muxes as well as dvb-t, with libreelec I have more difficulty tuning some dvb-s/s2 muxes and cannot tune dvb-t at all).
    Perhaps later I'll try armbian again on this box, but for the time being libreelec it is.
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    erbas reacted to olivluca in Installation in Mecool KI Pro   
    @pepesuriano if you're still following the forum, does the dvb-s2 tuner work with armbian?
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    erbas reacted to balbes150 in New branch for version assembly Armbian for TV boxes.   
    The official git armbian\build adds the tvboxes test branch. Everyone is invited to participate in the development , testing and maintenance of different models of TV boxes.