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  1. CPU affinity isn't working on docker. On my S912 is it. It's not a big deal anyway it was just to inform about that. :)
  2. @balbes150 do you have any advice for that problem ? Thanks.
  3. I have this error with S905X2 CPU on last 2 images. I hadn't on 5.1. Do i have to do anything to avoid it ? Thanks.
  4. Did it. Seems to be working on SEI Robotics SEI510 dtb. Great ! Thanks. Just to be sure no hardware is missing do i have to type dmesg and check what is red like that ? [ 3.750403] dwc3 ff500000.usb: Failed to get clk 'ref': -2 [ 9.035664] brcmfmac: brcmf_fw_alloc_request: using brcm/brcmfmac4335-sdio fo r chip BCM4335/1 [ 9.036436] usbcore: registered new interface driver brcmfmac [ 9.040954] brcmfmac mmc2:0001:1: Direct firmware load for brcm/brcmfmac4335- sdio.bin failed with error -2 [ 10.044168] brcmfmac: brcmf_sdio_htclk: HT Avail timeout (1000000): clkctl 0x 50 or another command is more precise ? I don't have a clue about the result except it seems to concern usb port. Thanks.
  5. Do km9 has any chance to work in the near future or do i have to forfeit and use it as android tv box as it's not working with meson-g12a-x96-max.dtb ? How could we help by extracting file or such Balbes150 ? Thanks.
  6. What about if we got headless server (gparted, geany steps) ? I know for geany we can use nano easily but for gparted except if i do it on a linux computer aside i'm not able to use command lines.. :p
  7. Will do asap ! :) Thanks.
  8. Very good thing ! Thanks. I'm on emmc/nand.
  9. Don't know. I saw ppl with km9 flashing km3 but it could brick your device. If you have usb/usb cable you can flash it with USB_Burning_Tool km9 aosp : original km3 : For your info i've just tried with Armbian_5.88_Aml-g12_Debian_buster_default_5.1.0-rc1_20190609.img and it's the same.. Boot without any network interface except lo.
  10. 1. I downgrade to android 8.1 as i wanted AOSP version. It may help. On my km8p i had to downgrade to android 6 to make armbian boot. Can't confirm it on km9. 2. sdcard is always better than usb stick on tv boxes. I can't find the source but it is. edit " first post. 3. Yes. I didn't had the exact name.. I will test with this version : Armbian_5.88_Aml-g12_Debian_buster_default_5.1.0-rc1_20190609.img tonight
  11. I did the test on my km9 - prepared the sdcard with Armbian_5.88_Aml-s905_Debian_buster_default_5.1.0_20190611 - select meson-g12a-x96-max.dtb in both uEnv.ini and extlinux.conf - I boot android as usual - select aml .zip from update - It boots but i have no eth interface
  12. I don't know if there is a compatible dtb file for mecool device running 905X2 actually. I will try on my km9 tomorrow. Maybe you have to chose from your android update the aml zip file. Did you try that way ?
  13. Hi there, As some of you (i guess) i want to update and upgrade to last debian and kernel version to test if it is better for my tv boxes (S905W, S912, S905X2) but before that i want to backup and possibly restore all the better way. Do someone have a hint for that ? Thanks I personnaly use portainer to manage docker images but never try it yet for disaster recovery or restoring data.
  14. Do you have some dtb file to boot on km9 which use S905X2 SoC or it's not possible ? I received one and it run android 9 on kernel 4. If i can bring you more infos easily i will. Thanks.