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  2. Latest image works great. Is there any chance to have boot/rootfs on SD card installed to emmc/nvme via Armbian-config?
  3. I've been running my NanoPC-T4 boot on eMMC system on nvme with the 4.xx kernels via armbian-config It is a lot faster than an SD card or eMMC. Have you noticed boot time with the 5.xx kernels is faster with this setup? With SD card I see bootup times around 60-70 seconds. Thanks for the script, I'll give it a go.
  4. that is what I used to get wifi working. You posted that in another thread a few days(weeks) ago, thanks for that.
  5. Works fine on my NanoPC-T4. Even Bluetooth worked...but no wifi, that was easy to fix. Thanks for your work.
  6. My procedure that works for me: Press boot button and hold, press power button and hold for 4-5 seconds, then release both buttons. If I hold more than about 5 seconds the red power light goes out and I need to start over.
  7. Maybe try a different SD card? Those images you mention boot fine on my NanoPC-T4
  8. @martinayotte thanks! wifi now works on my NanoPC-T4 with kernel 5.4.6
  9. image 20191217 kernel 5.5 works on my NanoPC-T4 except no wifi Ampak AP6356S wifi chip
  10. I have had usb3.0 problems with my NanoPC-T4, close relative of your NanoPi-M4 but not really the same. When using my ZWO ASI294MC pro camera (USB3.0) the first image in any sequence is saved, but then the software goes into a cycle where the countdown continues for the next image, reaches zero but the image is not saved, this continues over and over. To reset, I need to shutdown the software and re-boot the NanoPC-T4. The camera works fine when plugged into one of the NanoPC-T4 usb2.0 ports, it just saves images at the usb2.0 speed. That isn't a big problem for me as I just do DSO im