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  1. Do you know which pin is what? Edit: Found an image of the add-on board, where it's labeled.
  2. Does anyone know if I can power this thing via the 12V header? The documentation on this is lacking. It should work since the mezzanine board can provide power either via battery or PoE. I do have a beefy 5V power supply, but it's in use and I do have a spare 12V power supply. I also have a USB-C PD power supply, but apparently that doesn't switch to higher voltages yet...
  3. It works out of the box. After the first boot just choose to move everything to the connected SSD in armbian-config. I am booting from an SSD and have two more HDDs connected.
  4. Interesting. I don't recall it being picky with the power supply when I tried the images from Firefly. They are horrible by the way, somebody called it "dependency hell". It took me about an hour to just get it to apt upgrade
  5. You should probably set your locales manualy. At least it's what I had to so, because dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration is buggy Check the output of locale and set everything to de_DE.UTF-8: It should then work without # set convert-meta off
  6. It's already available: 5$ is pretty nice!
  8. I have that enclosure. You can get it from aliexpress for less than half of that price (the one on the German Amazon shipped from China anyway). For 2.5" maybe this one: Mediasonic 4 x 2.5”
  9. You need both the black sata data cables and the power cable (the one on the right).
  10. If you need more than two drives, just get SATA power splitters and split the two SATA power plugs that the included power cable has. If you're unsure about powering the nanopi just get a 12V laptop power supply with the right barrel jack and power everything via the SATA hat. Something like this: power supply I am powering it via the (square) 4 pin ATX plug. EDIT: An Alternative would be a molex male to male adapter and then a molex to 4x SATA power cable. I couldn't find any male molex to SATA adapters
  11. I've got mine in the mail two weeks ago. I had to pay customs Today I've flashed an A1 SD-Card and tried the Firefly Ubuntu image. It runs ok. sbc-bench: