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    frauhottelmann got a reaction from JrRockeTer in Nanopi-M4 SATA HAT   
    It works out of the box. After the first boot just choose to move everything to the connected SSD in armbian-config. I am booting from an SSD and have two more HDDs connected.
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    frauhottelmann reacted to Redferne in ROC-RK3399-PC (Renegade Elite)   
    Ran sbc-bench (thanks @tkaiser).
    Have only glanced over the results, but the Renegade Elite seems on par with the RockPI4B.
    Still want to get 5.3.x to run properly and get the TPL from U-Boot v2019.10-x working before commiting a wip.
    Hoping to get some time this weekend.
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    frauhottelmann reacted to JrRockeTer in Nanopi-M4 SATA HAT   
    Cool, thanks!