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  1. jernej, r u working on the orange 4g ?
  2. In the new kernel there are new Mali drivers. I wonder if the Mali-T720 MP1 is included.
  3. Lets speak about new supported boards. Orangepi 3 is now supported, is the pcie problem fixed ? Maybe progress for the orangepi 4g-iot ? I remember that the bigest problem was the gpu (Mali-T720 MP1).
  4. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/microsoft-backdoor-huawei-matebook-driver,38924.html
  5. interesting... what modem ?
  6. I mean that g0°gle (and appI€)(and other companies) monopolio on smartphones and other devices, by, more or less legally, spying the world 24/7, is pretty much dangerours. So a smartphone that doesnt spy us like animals, should be a priority.
  7. No it is not. And it could be used in a device, not jus as bsp. It should be your first thing to get done. And linus torvalds first thing to do. Modules problems: - size (for a portable device) - power efficency (for a portable device) - privacy if they run android internally - privacy if they are made by a chinese brand Usb modem problems: - all of above - fixed country - fixed carrier - no voice call and sms A modem like intel ones would be cool
  8. I hope you guys will support the Orange Pi 4G-IOT. It would be the (incredibly)first device/board with an integrated cellular that support linux. And could lead to linux support for many smartphones and tablets, thing that seems forbidden today... Mediatek gives no linux support, following the unwritten rule "or cellular modem or linux". Orange pi guys are working on it but at the moment there is only ubuntu with android kernel (that is no good). Thanks.
  9. Yeah, but what kernel it uses ??? . Look like, in that guide, it uses android kernel
  10. Thanks sfx. Yes there is a ubuntu image, but also a guide to manually install ubuntu. Someone better than me could understand what kernel it uses and I wonder if that guide works with debian too... Another question: They say there are not video drivers, cant these be used ? developer.arm.com/products/software/mali-drivers/midgard-kernel Are the drivers soc-specific ? Update: Nevermind, i just read:
  11. The Orange Pi 4G-IOT page suggest that board uses a 4g module, since in the pic its written "4g module" and an arrow point to a chip. But it's SoC MT6737 has an integrated cellular modem ! So does it uses a module or the integrated modem ? All the chips are covered with a metal shield, so I can't tell.