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  1. new image, still no recording. but there are 2 volume icons! i think they are working on it
  2. The one from www.orangepi.org, made in china, and not mainline kernel. u have to use earphones+mic that uses a OMTP 3 way jack (today are more common ctia jack). However it didn't worked for me, only onboard.
  3. I cant get to work the jack mic on the original OS, nor on armbian current... I used a omtp-ctia adapter.
  4. the CPU profiles are working or has yet to be done ?
  5. With original OS the onboard mic works (not too stable).
  6. Thats from april 6, all the patch should be included now...
  7. Hi, I made a similar topic. Same here. I can't tell if the audio drivers are not finished yet or we just dont know how to... I hope well get some more info...
  8. just installed ly on the OP, so sweet !
  9. From the manual: no good... but the rockchip LTE module came after this... ( @thanh_tan I got a "last warning" for asking about pcie and resolution )
  10. now there is Mobian.
  11. By defaul armbian should be light so I think it should use LXDE , runit and no pulseaudio
  12. and pcie expansion board works ? I tested and didnt work. but it could be because of power problems or other problems... That board doesnt have external power pins!!!
  13. Look like there is a limit to 1080p? (someone else also said) while on OP image i can have 1440p (autodetected), and its pretty smooth. Can you fix this ?
  14. nothing for pinephone ?
  15. Thanks for your work! When the new (buster)image ?
  16. Happy to see a new image, can you guys make a buster / buster minimal please ?
  17. Thank you, very usefull, I guess its safe to test, when doing nothing. But its a risk when both devices are on high load.
  18. Now, I'm scared to test the mpcie expansion board ! because it doesn't have an external power connector. The board power supply is 3A, OP4 uses around 2,5A. I want to test a LTE modem, but the modem alone uses up to 2A (the expansion board supports modems since it has a sim card slot). I'm scared to test even without the sim. And even if I use a 6A power supply, can the OP4 power circuit handle this power ? What could I do ?
  19. I also cant get audio to work. I dont understand why the devs put pulseaudio and jack if the audio doesnt work.
  20. All working now! it was a bad flashing. I flashed using dd rather than etcher. Also others that had problems used etcher... maybe that was the reason... I used a command like: dd if=os.img of=/dev/sdX bs=4M status=progress oflag=sync @Belgrado@Pongotto @gounthar
  21. The kernel doesnt start, the serial log . 2 minutes after "starting kernel" i see the hearth beat but nothing happend. ( image of 19/3 and former )
  22. I have no video in the last image 19/3 (that used to work), there is heart beat but doesnt connect to lan.
  23. Some requests: - with the last image 29/2 it take more than a minute to boot ! - audio doesnt seems to work at a first test. is it only me ? - pulse seems a bit too much for a sbc, by default... wasnt better simple alsa ? - why xfce and not lxde ? - I cant set a resolution (using settings) higher than 1080p, while using OP image I used 1440p pretty smooth... - even in power-save profile the cpu is hot!