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  1. Oh yeah I know osmocom. F*** this risc5 has huge potential: https://www.cnx-software.com/2019/12/13/greenwaves-gap9-iot-application-processor-enables-ai-on-coin-cell-powered-devices !
  2. Jack953

    Orange pi 4

    Thanks chwe i'll do something in 2,3 weeks when I get the board. Also interesting to me is the pcie expansion as a cable rather than pins. I guess that they will make theyr own expansion boards... Or are there already expansion/adapters for that, from others ? I mean, its a "standard" or a opi thing ?
  3. Agree with OP ! Maybe the community will be able to discuss the parts of a future pinephone 2. For a free modem I have a very small hope for the future... Guys, do you think that its so impossible for the comunity to make a modem ? Maybe with a risc ?
  4. Jack953

    Orange pi 4

    Guys I just buyed the opi 4 ! When I get the board (21 days), ill try to install armbian somehow !
  5. Jack953

    Orange pi 4

    Why 4.4 ? I hope that will be possible to install armbian
  6. Balbes, its the 2nd time you tell me "yes", but where are those images ?
  7. Jack953

    Orange pi 4

    Soon will be out also NanoPi M4B ! (same soc)
  8. Ok where ? Right, I could use theyr uboot... Also I could take theyr device tree ?
  9. The new Opi board, using the popular rk3399 at a good price. Has a debian image... not sure what kernel it uses. Where to start ?
  10. Ok thanks, but let me highlight my first question. Are there generic armbian images for a soc ? If there are not generic images, maybe i could take the image of the most similar board ?
  11. I'm new. Are there generic images for a soc ? like the rk3399, to test for example on the orange pi 4 ? Is it so painfull to install regular debian ? (the debian documentation is painfull to read, for sure).
  12. jernej, r u working on the orange 4g ?