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  1. Hi, as many did, I've bought a (CSI) OV5647 camera from AliExpress and am struggling to get it to work. Been at it for a week now and am at a loss. So i'm trying to get some clarification via this thread on how to get this camera to work. What I've done so far is to compile a mainline kernel (Ubuntu Bionic) and edited the kernel config file to include sun6i_csi and ov5647 driver. Build finishes successfully and am able to boot and load the drivers Unfortunately the OV5647 isn't recognized and /dev/video0 isn't created. Second build included a userpatch I've found online which i applied to no avail to the kernel https://lore.kernel.org/patchwork/patch/743268/ So my question is, what am i missing here ? Do i need an overlay, or patch the kernel/driver in some way ? Any help will be appreciated. Regards. Wim