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  1. Orange pi 2G-IOT still very unstable, I think it is not good Idea use it in any project , easy use Orange pi One and SIM800( it will work more stable.
  2. Whit AT commands and minicom it possible you can read about it here ( use google translate, about Gammu cannot say but it possible.
  3. thanks I read that topic but for me no result, last chance is find small SD Card and not creat small partition. Old option not bad ,but as I understand need linux OS for creating sd card(if have windows option it will good for me) and where can find instructions with dd commands
  4. Download put it on usb flash and sd card (no different), use Update&Backup.I read all 10 pages and cannot find any information which can help me
  5. 1. as I understand u-boot need to update from android, S905X cannot boot from SD card(like H3) frst need load uboot from eMMC witch will boot OS from SD, 2. in real someone try compare performance S905X and H3,in V88 PRO Android very slowly
  6. Thanks for fast reply , I mean "V88 PRO" not "V88", "V88 PRO" have inside S905x
  7. use this program to create sd card
  8. I still have problem whith E1550 3g USB dongle and orange pi one (armbian 5.14), beelink x2(armbian 5.20). Also I can connect /dev/ttyUSB(0-2) like usb-serial module, but when I try change baud rate from 9600 to 115200(or any other) get error. Don't need connect to internet: only voice call. E1550 give me 320 bayt in every 20 ms and 9600 Kbit/s don't enough. tried to change permission but no result. have any idea for solution? maybe need new kernel driver? something
  9. confirm: All USB, WIFI, Ethernet, HDMI working correctly. if I can help I will do it