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  1. I built Kodi on armbian and on tinkeros too. At first I install rockchip libmali from github. Then rockchip libdrm. Then i built ffmpeg 4.1 with rkmpp and libdrm supported. Then i make some modifications neon_flags in kodi-src. Then i build kodi according to instructions. I make the configuration line taking into account the sources.txt file from media-script: cmake bla-bla -DCORE_PLATFORM_NAME=gbm Then I am waiting for a long time for compilation errors. Then I have to fix it related to the lack of definitions in libEGL and libdrm. When everything is built and installed, i run kodi with kodi-gbm-wrapper and voila: kernel syslogs on main screen and no control till power off Also i tried to build kodi for x11 platform and then to use gl4es and all I got was either a blank window or vertex compile error. Tried many different LIBGL_... settings On my i586 notebook with ATI Xpress 200M kodi built success, and even it usable for watch natgeo while soaking self it in the bathroom )
  2. Hi Where i can get last kodi release binary/deb for RK3288? My attemmpts to build it was not successful (kernel crashes with errors). Or how to build it properly? I assume need changes in the source code. Libreelecs binary kodi.bin is not suitable because it is built on the new glibc