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  2. I tested the recently added sunxi-dev patch to improve the SATA write speed. Here are the results: Board: Cubietruck OS: Ubuntu Bionic (18.04.2), Armbian 5.86 Kernel: 5.1.0 with and without RFC-drivers-ata-ahci_sunxi-Increased-SATA-AHCI-DMA-TX-RX-FIFOs.patch SATA-device: SAMSUNG SSD 830 Series, 256GB Measurement method: dd if=/dev/zero of=/tesfile bs=? count=? oflag=direct bs: measured 4k, 64k and 1M block sizes count: adjusted to ensure that data written is ~500MB Measurements below are made with kernel 5.1.0 without (before) and with the me
  3. Removing the module sun4i_gpadc from the kernel, helps somewhat on my A20 Cubietruck with latest user-built Armbian (5.76, Kernel 4.19.25-sunxi). The constant 5-7% CPU consumption of "kworker-eve" has disappeared, but every 10 seconds the CPU load is still up to 25% for one second (as it did before the module removal). Here's the "vmstat 1" output: root@cubietruck:~# vmstat 1 procs -----------memory---------- ---swap-- -----io---- -system-- ------cpu----- r b swpd free buff cache si so bi bo in cs us sy id wa st 1 0 0 1888928 9680 87180 0 0 59
  4. Great work @s_frit ... you made my day! I was playing around with alsamixer on a Nano-PC T4 on Armbian (5.76, Ubuntu Bionic, no GUI) with "limited success". After importing the above quoted state settings, Audio was fine on the 3.5mm audio jack. Now I am successfully using mpd to play music without problems :-D