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    Madozu got a reaction from Igor in A20 SATA write speed improvement   
    I tested the recently added sunxi-dev patch to improve the SATA write speed. Here are the results:
    Board: Cubietruck
    OS: Ubuntu Bionic (18.04.2), Armbian 5.86
    Kernel: 5.1.0 with and without RFC-drivers-ata-ahci_sunxi-Increased-SATA-AHCI-DMA-TX-RX-FIFOs.patch
    SATA-device: SAMSUNG SSD 830 Series, 256GB
    Measurement method: dd if=/dev/zero of=/tesfile bs=? count=? oflag=direct
    bs: measured 4k, 64k and 1M block sizes
    count: adjusted to ensure that data written is ~500MB
    Measurements below are made with kernel 5.1.0 without (before) and with the mentioned patch:
    dd bs Before MB/s After MB/s Increase 4k 13.3 19.0 43% 64k 35.9 82.0 128% 1M 42.5 112.0 164% As you can see, the SATA write speed improved, especially when using larger block sizes. Up to now, no negative side-effects encountered.