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  1. Hi. Not booting last armbian ubuntu. Opi 3 flash sd on 190607 and freeze boot console massages key map. solder the capacitor? maybe two capacitor?
  2. Hi Someone opi3 repair bootrom? Flash zidoo firmaware to opi3 and after have problem. Thanks
  3. It is brake for these ARM SOC devices. Fbdev version and gbm/wayland exist armhf devices and very bug. I tried to substitute Open Source Mali Midgard on kernel build but have many error. Im don't have normal manuals, need many time and knowledge. And this not fact!
  4. Some use libhybris on midgard android drivers to unix sytem, but im don't have this experience. 240fps? but im used megous 5.1 on arch linux in AssaultCube max 12fps to xserver-xorg-video-dummy ...
  5. Excuse me for time. Did you up Internet eth0? And unpack firmware img? Im have opi3 h6 and compile android sdk opi3 sdk 7.0 lichee, but many problem. Bug root, and bug eth0 mac, you can advise? for mac maby this problem? [gmac0] gmac0_used = 1 phy-mode = "rmii" # change this to "rgmii"? gmac_rxd1 = port:PA00<2><default><3><default> gmac_rxd0 = port:PA01<2><default><3><default> gmac_crs = port:PA02<2><default><3><default> gmac_rxerr = port:PA03<2><default><3><default> gmac_txd1 = port:PA04<2><default><3><default> gmac_txd0 = port:PA05<2><default><3><default> gmac_txclk = port:PA06<2><default><3><default> gmac_txen = port:PA07<2><default><3><default> gmac_mdc = port:PA08<2><default><3><default> gmac_mdio = port:PA09<2><default><3><default> gmac-power0 = "vcc-ephy" # change this to "vcc-io"? gmac-power1 = # change this to "axp806_aldo3"? gmac-power2 = tx-delay = 0 rx-delay = 0
  6. Prompt real to include linux kernel video gpu mali midgard opi3? And possible midgard to apply?
  7. Sorry, just buld and work reboot, but what im get this problem megous rep and last development uboot, I do not understand. Many thanks for your work guys. Armbian development kernel, dtb, modules for H6 great work to Arch Linux. PS dmesg bionic opi3 little things
  8. No this megous, but isn't there fix?
  9. Im compile last uboot for opi3 and have old problem. Put reboot = poweroff . Again power unplug. Only me problem?
  10. Strangely. Im build u-boot and tadaa = restart have off again
  11. thanks your method maybe you know up midgard mali hard support 2D-3D?
  12. Im pointed out, usb2.0, 3.0 does not work (im see power my usb devises, but after boot windows manager not data work). This error after your fix reboot problem. I think all this concerns kernel drivers and power supply system of board allwinner h6
  13. Last update fix reboot yes, but im have error work usb port after boot window manager (lxde) host kernel: [ 1.775927] sun50i-de2-bus 1000000.display-engine: Error couldn't map SRAM to device Apr 11 22:31:39 localhost kernel: [ 1.776339] sun4i-usb-phy 5100400.phy: Couldn't request ID GPIO Apr 11 22:31:39 localhost kernel: [ 1.776581] sun50i-usb3-phy 5210000.phy: failed to get phy clock Maybe lxde problem?