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    RK3328 Media Script (Rock64, Renegade)

    Using 5.75 image Glamor: The tweaked X server that you included is just as snappy IF you turn compositing back ON in the windowing settings. This is the opposite setting for armsoc. If you leave it disabled, the screens are horribly delayed when dragging. I have just tested both and Glamor is as fast as Armsoc on my 4GB renegade when the compositing is enabled. Chromium is still having issues playing anything 1080p from youtube (Just running chromium-streaming from GUI) Trying to change settings in Chromium-streaming makes it crash (probably known, as you stated some web pages will be broken) Audio out from the audio jack is still not working. HDMI audio works fine. - Bottom USB2 sometimes doesn't work. Unplug / replug keyboard fixes this once the OS has finished loading. Thank you for your efforts here. :-) This device is almost usable because of this. Once browsing is fixed, I'tgoing to be my daily Linux box!