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  1. I think most of my original problems were related to: Power, Memory, HEAT 1- at one time I made a mistake and was not using the factory power supply 2- the problem with zram and swapping that you fixed for me @NicoD 3- When I first installed it I had not installed fan management, this should come standard. See is-there-a-way-to-avoid-killing-processe-when-out-of-memory-out-of-memory-killed-process for instructions on the memory issue cat /proc/swaps Type Size Used Priority /dev/zram0 partitio
  2. Check this out @NicoD @Werner, beautiful and it was usable for most of the time cat /proc/swaps Filename Type Size Used Priority /dev/zram0 partition 329960 328920 5 /dev/zram1 partition 329960 329020 5 /dev/zram2 partition 329960 329076 5 /dev/zram3 partition 329960 328840 5 /dev/zram4 partition 329960 329008 5 /dev/zram5
  3. Pity about the Zram config and pity this is NOT communicated when you download it so you know to run the config, but worse, that it has not been removed or repaired. Yes, when I have 5 minutes, I will duplicate what I did the other day and see what happens. I was trying to test my modified fancontrol.c program so was launching a few you tube videos and facebook pages ;-) Thanks again for your help as always @NicoD Armbian would not be the same without you !
  4. Amazing Nico, this zram info should be on the download page! How did you know that about zram!! Thanks heaps for this and the creating a large swap file! Filename Type Size Used Priority /dev/zram0 partition 329960 0 5 /dev/zram1 partition 329960 0 5 /dev/zram2 partition 329960 0 5 /dev/zram3 partition 329960 0 5 /dev/zram4 partition 329960 0 5 /
  5. I've just had a look at this, looks interesting. I won't put it on the M4V2 at the moment as I've had enough problems without adding other potential problems ;-) However, this would be interesting on my odroidN2 which is continually kill boinc processes due to out of memory I was hoping there was another trick on Armbian that would kind of NOT kill stuff but just slow down.. Thanks for your suggestion I'll try it out on the Odroid.
  6. I have a problem with Focal on Nanopi-M4V2 is that when it is overloaded and runs out of memory, instead of getting slow it kills the process causing the problem and in the last few cases, logs out out of Ubuntu Mate ;-) [Sun Jul 26 17:12:54 2020] Out of memory: Killed process 12888 (Web Content) total-vm:3097484kB, anon-rss:455520kB, file-rss:1600kB, shmem-rss:16636kB, UID:1000 pgtables:2752kB oom_score_adj:0 [Sun Jul 26 17:12:54 2020] oom_reaper: reaped process 12888 (Web Content), now anon-rss:0kB, file-rss:0kB, shmem-rss:16220kB [Sun Jul 26 17:13:22 2020] panfrost_gem_shri
  7. Thanks very much @piter75 very much appreciated . I'm g'ad this problem is solved,in any case if it happens again , I know what to do. @Lennyz1988 try this out!!!
  8. Thanks NicoD, shouldn't this mess be removed from Downloads then I mean I have Ethernet and WiFi but I need both for when I'm in my other office where I'm not allowed to connect to wired networks. I'm flabbergasted that this kind of thing is in supported Downloads. Regarding /etc/network/interfaces.. This is all NetworkManager. and anyway, the wlan0 device has vanished If you see the message above yours, if I plug in my Wifi Dongle, Wifi works. So I'd like to know how to add the driver to the kernel so it recognizes the onboard wifi...
  9. UPDATE I have plugged in a Wifi Dongle and: iwconfig wlxbcec23c37524 IEEE 802.11AC ESSID:"CoreSoyRocD" Nickname:"<WIFI@REALTEK>" Mode:Managed Frequency:5.56 GHz Access Point: B8:BE:F4:0D:97:F2 .... So if someone can tell me how to get the kernel o recognize the onboard wifi again, all will be fine! @Igor ? @Piotr Czekalski ?
  10. @NicoD How do you get this problem looked at by someone who can advise or fix the problem, this download is in the supported Downloads..
  11. Thanks very much. And this download is in the Supported Download section, quite sad. I wish someone would just advise me about how to recreate it, I think the driver has to be added to the kernel for it to create the wlan interface but I don't know enough about this low level stuff. The worse part is no one from Armbian is really trying to help either.. Double sad. Thanks for your info
  12. I haven't played with very low level stuff, just configured static IPs etc. http://ix.io/2g3E As you can see it existed, but it is gone... Could it be the driver is no longer in the kernel and so it isn't creating the device. But as you can see in my initial message above it existed. If you like, you can log in and have a look. Send me a message and I'll open the firewall and give you a login.. This is much too low level for me. Thanks for answering, if I can't get advice, I'll reinstall it but I loathe to do t