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  1. Let us know what you decide, I'd also like to do this and include a NuC in there as well but there isn't a lot of choice.
  2. You cannot DD the eMMC whilst it i running ?
  3. Thanks pieter75, that was my problem! I don't know how I missed this, NicoD had this in his video on the M4V2, which I had watched but I missed it. Thanks very much !!
  4. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, I'm not an expert with this. I have the M4V2 with metal case. I downloaded Armbian_20.02.7_Nanopim4v2_bionic_legacy_4.4.213_desktop.7z and burned the IMG to one of my spare M4 eMMc Problem is that the eMMC does not boot and does nothing So I tried another M4 eMMC and exactly the same thing. So I burned the img to an SD card and it boots fine. But I cannot see the eMMC AT ALL, lsblk does not show it Is it possible the M4 eMMC is NOT compatible ( I dont' think so or I would have seen in my searches) OR I did something wrong ? Or missed a step I don't remember having this with my M4 ? Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks NicoD I'm trying it out, I like Brave Browser but can't find it for Arm and so far Vilvaldi seems to be good! I do prefer Firefox but it does not work well on this Debian Buster! I must move back to Ubuntu!
  6. It's an option in armbian-config in system settings, first option, can look now cause I'm running Friendly Elec, I'd actually like to see the source to see exactly what it does so I can duplicate it when running the Friendly Elect OS. Anyone know how easy it is to find the source tou armbian-config ?
  7. It boots from eMMC but the file system is organized so that your / file system is on the SSD, which is perfect for my requirements! And it feels pretty fast! You can CD to the eMMC and see your original installation BEFORE you asked it to change to SATA!
  8. Thanks to @NicoD my sound problems are fixed, still have issues with bluetooth but that is for next weekend!
  9. My journey continues BUT Using Armbian I can configure the nanopi to boot from the SSD BUT NO sound and no Bluetooth. FriendlyElec I have sound and bluetooth but don't know how to boot from SSD. So.. The adventure continues... for me at least..
  10. Thanks everyone. Bummer about having to remove it each time to change eMMC... And, am left with 4 nuts that I don't know what to do with but it is all put together, thanks @pkfox for the instructions and pictures @Da Alchemist for pictures and more ideas and of course as always for @NicoD without which I would not be moving forward very quickly with my SBC adventures!
  11. Thanks, I have a very messy desk with stuff all over the place and I was a bit worried about it all being bare naked. At the moment I put an old plastic case from the Asus Tinkerboard to cover the NanoPi I look forward to seeing someone make a good case for it all. And again thank you I appreciate your help and especially your photos!
  12. Thanks very much @pkfox I really appreciate it! Now I have a very good idea of what it entails! Thank you !!! I'm putting my shopping list together !
  13. Thanks @NicoD Your videos are good, I subscribed and look forward to seeing more on the nanopi and the N2, I also must look if you have Asus Tinker board ones as I set up my DMZ on that and am about to set up a LEMP server with Nginx. Also thanks for the info on RecalBox and I'll look at the RockPI videos Thanks