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    JrRockeTer reacted to NicoD in How to control FAN on Rockpro64?   
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    JrRockeTer reacted to Matthias in Switch kernel from legacy (rk3399) to current (rockchip64) on NanoPi M4 V2   
    I've been using Armbian on the NanoPi M4 V2 for a while and now I'm thinking about switchen from the legacy kernel to the current kernel. Unfortunately that's not so easy to do when using armbian-config. You could think you can just select the current-kernel in the list but you won't find it there. The reason is simple: the legacy kernel belongs to the rk3399-family and the current kernel is rockchip64. Which is basically the same, but from an organisational point of view it is not (please forgive me if I do not show an adequate technical precision here, the details and the plan to clean that up are explained here).
    What I would be interested in is now: Is there a proper way to switch the kernel manually? As I said, I have been using the system for a while now, so setting it up from scratch with the right kernel is something I would like to avoid.
    I had a look into the source of armbian-config so I know that manipulating the LINUXFAMILY in /etc/armbian-release will display the current-kernel in the list. But I don't want to imagine what kind of side-effects will hit me when starting the installation process that way.
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    Finally, my very own :-)

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    JrRockeTer reacted to NicoD in [Development] RK3399 media script   
    Wouldn't it be better to integrate it in armbian-config? 
    Then people can still choose to install it or not. It does break some functionality of some programs. For example Kdenlive doesn't work with the script installed(no video playback).  I'll again try to find a fix for it.  But I've put a lot of time into it in the past and couldn't find a solution.  
    Do you know how it is possible to make VPU acc work in mainline? With that we'd have a perfect image with panfrost + VPU. I'm looking into it, but my knowledge is very limited about this. 
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    JrRockeTer got a reaction from Werner in Nanopi-M4V2 won't booting from eMMC and does not see eMMC: SOLVED eMMC plugs in opposite way than original M4   
    Thanks pieter75, that was my problem!
    I don't know how I missed this, NicoD had this in his video on the M4V2, which I had watched but I missed it.
    Thanks very much !!
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    JrRockeTer reacted to piter75 in Nanopi-M4V2 won't booting from eMMC and does not see eMMC: SOLVED eMMC plugs in opposite way than original M4   
    You are right, eMMC modules are compatible with both M4 and M4V2.
    Do you install eMMC modules the right way? eMMC in M4V2 needs to be rotated 180º vs. the way it was installed in your M4.
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    JrRockeTer reacted to frauhottelmann in Nanopi-M4 SATA HAT   
    It works out of the box. After the first boot just choose to move everything to the connected SSD in armbian-config. I am booting from an SSD and have two more HDDs connected.
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    JrRockeTer reacted to NicoD in Review : Khadas VIM3   
    Hi all.
    I've just finished reviewing the Khadas VIM3.
    It's an amazing SBC with unmatched performance. It's got the Amlogic A311D SoC. Comparable with the S922X of the Odroid N2.
    But the 4x A73 cores are clocked at 2.2Ghz and the 2 x A53 cores to 1.8Ghz. So it performs a lot better.
    It also comes with an NPU, MIPI-DSI and MIPI-CSI. And can be powered with USB type-c from 5V up to 20V.
    Here my review video.
    Here all my gathered information.
    Khadas VIM3 ----------- Ubuntu server - fan over fins ----------------------------- Blender BMW no fan thermal pad : 59m with copper shim : 58m18s with 5V fan : 45m01s with 5V fan over CPU : 43m28s Ubuntu XFCE - fan over CPU, not over fins ----------------------------------------- Blender no fan : 55m22s Blender 3V fan : 43m03s Blender 5V fan : 42m51s Blender with fan : 48m45s Armbian Bionic Small cores @1.9Ghz Big cores @1.7Ghz Blender with fan : 46m29s Armbian Disco Small cores @1.9Ghz Big cores @1.7Ghz Blender with fan : 46m56s Armbian Buster Small cores @1.9Ghz Big cores @1.7Ghz Kdenlive 16m bench 3V lxde : 1h09m (using 1GB zram + 4GB swap file. Not enough ram with 2GB) Video playback -------------- Ubuntu ------ Up to 4K 30fps with MPV. Very slight screen tearing. Anything lower is perfect Youtube playback with Firefox up to 1440p 30fps perfect KODI doesn't work (yet) No VPU acceleration for now. All done by CPU. LibreElec --------- Up to 4K 30fps with MPV. Very slight screen tearing. Anything lower is perfect Wifi doesn't work. power consumption ----------------- Idle no fan : 0.27A 5V (governor set to interactive) Maxed out with fan : 1.4A 5V (fan is 0.15A) Temperatures (fan over CPU, not over fins) ------------------------------------------ Idle No fan : 44°C Maxed out No fan : 75°C heavy throttling. 1Ghz small cores / 1.8Ghz big cores Idle 3V fan : 34°C Maxed out 3V fan : 73°C very light throttle. Takes 5min to reach 70°c. +10min to start throttling Idle 5V fan : 32°C Maxed 5V : 70°C no throttling Transfer speeds --------------- eMMC 16GB : 60 MB/s write : 165.9 MB/s read SSD over USB3 : 380.3 MB/s write : 286.1 MB/s read SSD over USB2 : 40.2 MB/s Samsung EVO plus with on-board sd-reader : 10.2MB/s write 22.1MB/s read with USB3 sd-reader : 31.7MB/s write 88.6MB/s read Ethernet internet speed : 53.9 Mbps 11.5 Mbps Wifi internet speed : 43.7 Mbps 11.2 Mbps Issue's ------- When using a 2.4Ghz dongle for mouse in the right USB3 port, wifi connection is slow. When using a USB3 device in the USB3 port wifi stops working. Use left USB2 port for those. Ubuntu server boots/shuts down slower than XFCE version. Shut down stop job for ifup for eth0 (not in use) 1m30s Boot hangs a while. Can't find the reason. After -> Scanning for Btrfs filesystems. Done. about 30s Can't install Tensorflow khadas@Khadas:~/tensorflow$ pip3 install tensorflow-1.8.0-cp35-none-linux_aarch64.whl tensorflow-1.8.0-cp35-none-linux_aarch64.whl is not a supported wheel on this platform. Android : Can't connect wifi. I can type wifi password, but can't go further. No connect button. Tips ---- Use interactive governor for better thermals and power consumption with low use/idle. Plus/Minus ---------- + Best single core performance + best multi-core performance for an ARM SBC + Nice case + PSU + USB-c cable included + remote + eMMC + Amazing low power consumption / best performance per watt + Can be powered with 5V up to 20V + NPU - Wifi issue with USB3/No 5Ghz wifi. Could have solved the USB3 interference - Placing of the buttons would be better on the back. They often get pressed when plugging a USB device. You do get used to it. - No VPU and X11 drivers (yet) - Slow On-board SD-card reader
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    JrRockeTer reacted to NicoD in Using different desktop environments on Armbian   
    Hi all. I've done a lot of tests with different desktop environments on Armbian.
    I wanted an as light as possible desktop environment so I'd have enough ram left to do video rendering with the NanoPi M4(2GB)
    I had to try a lot of things to get things working fine. So I wanted to save others that hassle.
    Setting up Display Manager

    First we need a Display Manager. NODM is installed by default. I tried lightdm but couldn't get it to work. So I went for LXDM. With NODM installed I had problems, so I also removed NODM.
    To be sure lxdm is configured right, I also manually configure it.
    sudo apt install lxdm sudo apt remove nodm sudo dpkg-reconfigure lxdm Install LXDE Desktop
    Next step is to install the desktop environment you want. There is a problem with some Desktop Environments and LXDM what makes you can't login to some DE's out of the box. That we will resolve later. Easiest is to install lxdm first to be able to configure the others well. And reboot.
    sudo apt install lxde sudo reboot Once booted you should be greeted by the Login screen. Here you can choose your different Desktop Environment. Choose LXDE and login.
    If you'd try xfce4, then you'd see it doesn't work. To fix this we need to change the file /usr/share/xsessions/xfce.desktop. Use your favorite text editor. I use geany.
    sudo geany /usr/share/xsessions/xfce.desktop Somewhere at the top of the file you'll see "Name=Xfce Session". Replace that space with a hyphen to "Name=Xfce-Session" and save the file.
    Now you can also login to the default XFCE4 Desktop.
    With other desktops this can be the same. Go the the same directory and open the file with the desktop name that doesn't work. Again replace the space with a hyphen
    Installing different Desktop Environments.
    For the Mate desktop I also needed to install the applets, else I got errors at login because of these missing applets
    sudo apt install mate-desktop-environment mate-applets For KDE-Plasma
    sudo apt install kde-full For Gnome. Modify the file sudo geany /usr/share/xsessions/gnome...
    sudo apt install gnome-session sudo update-alternatives --config gdm3.css
    I also tried LXQT. But this one didn't work. You can try others too.

    Remove Desktop Environment
    To remove a desktop environment you don't want anymore you do the remove instead of install.
    sudo apt remove kde-full sudo apt remove mate-desktop-environment . . .
    Please let me know if there's mistakes made, or if you've got advice.
    Source for changing the name to make them work @IgorS :

    Greetings, NicoD
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    JrRockeTer reacted to NicoD in Video : How to install Armbian on a SBC + Set up of Destkop + install on external device   
    Hi all.
    I've made a new noob video on how to install Armbian on an SBC.
    I also show how I set up my Armbian desktop. And I show how to install Armbian onto another media.

    Greetings, NicoD
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    JrRockeTer reacted to NicoD in Better video playback with Vivaldi Browser - for all arm sbc's   
    Hi all.
    I've discovered Vivaldi Browser for arm. A fork of Chromium.
    There is a armhf version and a arm64 version.
    Youtube playback with this is a lot better. I've tested it on the NanoPi M4.
    The same video in Chromium had 2/3 dropped frames. (10 frames/s) 1080p video
    With Vivaldi browser you get 1/3 dropped frames. (20 frames/s)
    A lot better experience.

    Here you can download it.
    Here the source where I found it. From Meveric @ Odroid. Also explanation of how to install. No wget, and change filename to the file you've downloaded for gdebi. Or use gdebi package installer.(not tested)

    I tried in armhf on the M4 in armhf Lubuntu, worked great. Also tried the arm64 in Armbian Stretch. Also great.
    I didn't find any posts about Vivaldi in the Armbian forum. I thought it could be helpful.
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    JrRockeTer reacted to IgorS in Ubuntu desktop with LXDM display manager XFCE4, Mate, LXDE and OpenBox desktops   
    If you don't like autologin in Armbian Ubuntu desktop, or if yo want to have several desktops to choose, here is how I did this.
    Tested on legacy image, but I belive that same setup should work on mainline too.
    1. Install ubuntu desktop image on MMC (I did it using Etcher)
    2. Install display manager. Because of simplicity, I choose LXDM.
       sudo apt-get install lxdm
    3. Set default session and disable nodm
       Edit /etc/lxdm/lxdm.conf
       Find line:
       Replace it with:
       Fix for XFCE session entry from LXDM session menu:
         Open the /usr/share/xsessions/xfce.desktop file with a text editor.
         Find the name value and replace the space with a dash or hyphen.
       Disable nodm:
         sudo systemctl disable nodm
    4. Reboot.
    Now you should have login screen, and after login you should have XFCE4 desktop running.
    Optionally, you can install more desktops:
    sudo apt-get install mate-desktop-environment-extras indicator-application atril desktop-base engrampa mate-applets mate-media mate-notification-daemon mate-power-manager mate-screensaver mate-system-monitor mate-themes caja-gksu caja-image-converter caja-open-terminal caja-sendto caja-share caja-wallpaper dconf-editor mate-gnome-main-menu-applet mate-netspeed mate-sensors-applet mate-user-share
    apt-get install lxde lxde-common lxsession lxsession-logout lxlauncher
    If you did all of this, you can choose to login in XFCE4, Mate, LXDE or OpenBox desktop.
    Best regards! 
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    JrRockeTer reacted to NicoD in RK3328 Media Script (Rock64, Renegade)   
    @JMCC The video is ready.
    I don't think it will get too many views. But it can help other frustrated users
    Thanks for the help.
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    JrRockeTer got a reaction from frauhottelmann in Nanopi-M4 SATA HAT   
    Cool, thanks!
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    JrRockeTer got a reaction from NicoD in Nanopi-M4 SATA HAT   
    Thanks to @NicoD my sound problems are fixed, still have issues with bluetooth but that is for next weekend!
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    JrRockeTer got a reaction from NicoD in Nanopi-M4 SATA HAT   
    Thanks everyone. Bummer about having to remove it each time to change eMMC... And, am left with 4 nuts that I don't know what to do with but it is all put together, thanks @pkfox for the instructions and pictures @Da Alchemist for pictures and more ideas and of course as always for @NicoD without which I would not be moving forward very quickly with my SBC adventures!

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    JrRockeTer got a reaction from NicoD in Nanopi-M4 SATA HAT   
    Thanks @NicoD Your videos are good, I subscribed and look forward to seeing more on the nanopi and the N2, I also must look if you have Asus Tinker board ones as I set up my DMZ on that and am about to set up a LEMP server with Nginx.
    Also thanks for the info on RecalBox and I'll look at the RockPI videos
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    JrRockeTer got a reaction from NicoD in Nanopi-M4 SATA HAT   
    Thanks heaps for this, I'll have a look this weekend (I'm at work)
    Looking forward to moving on with it.