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  1. Just now, NicoD said:

    Hi. That's a very old image. They are working on perfecting Armbian for the Pine H64 model B. Only on-board sound doesn't work. Otherwise it's very good.
    You can try these images.

    They've been build last night. Should be a lot better than what you've tried now.
    Otherwise you can build your own image.



    That's the one i try today. :wub:

  2. Thanks a lot for the image. My little test :


    I try the debian desktop version in my rev A board.


    Boot just fine.


    when i try the last image from last year, problems appears for me :


    - Lan was block à 100 mbits

    - Usb3 not working

    - pci express is a joke

    - no graphical display


    In this version, 


    - Usb3 works fine. it's a very good news but not with a usb3 hub.

    - Still the same for the lan, block at 100 mbits. But i think it's hardware problem, because with android image, i have only 100 mbits too.


    If i  put a usb3 hub to have a usb 1000 mbits adaptateur, with a usb3 hard drive, then the performance shut down, like everything is in usb2. Too bad.


    But it's working.


    Thanks again for the great jobs.









  3. 1 minute ago, Da Alchemist said:

    I have build this Image with Armbians Build system. I am living on the german coutryside, my internet connection is far to slow to upload the image. Perhaps @Igor can change some things, so that there will be nightly builds with  5.01 Kernel for pineH64 again

    it would be great if it's possible

  4. On 3/16/2019 at 1:54 PM, Da Alchemist said:

    i do not know if there are any Model A users around ;) i have just build an  image Armbian_5.77_Orangepi3_Ubuntu_bionic_dev_5.0.1_desktop and booted up in Desktop environment.  I would not recommend this board for such  use-case but it is nice to see that development is coming up. I am going to test network and USB3 later this day. 


    I have a model A,  and i am interesting to test the image.  Juste tell me where a i can dowload it. Thanks in advance