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  1. You can install from an eMMC/SDCARD to a USB and boot from SPI...
  2. How can I use this on different Ubuntu Bionic builds? not just Armbian?
  3. @JMCC Thank you! I now have Chromium w/ hardware acceleration! it's a shame the 32bit Chromium/Streaming doesn't have it, though.
  4. @JMCC according to Chromium (NOT streaming/32) normal chromium is accelerated:
  5. I also didn't update anything, I done all this on a fresh 5.75 image. ran the "media script" ticked system, selected arm soc and opengl wrapper. then rebooted and selected streaming and mpv. Chromium refuses to get HW acceled....
  6. @TonyMac32 alright. I still don't have any LibGL. MPV works fine. weird.
  7. @TonyMac32 care to help? Ok, so testing... I selected; "system" and "opengl wrapper" and nothing else, let that install... I set it to use arm soc xorg.... I rebooted. then unticked "system" and didn't tick "opengl" and then I ticked streaming, and mpv... chromium still says that it's NOT hw acceled. Here's Chromium's GPU settings: Help?!?!!??!
  8. Just to add to this: root@rock64:/home/rock64/Desktop# glxgears libGL error: unable to load driver: libGL error: driver pointer missing libGL error: failed to load driver: rockchip but under es2_info: GL_RENDERER: Mali-4 Help?!
  9. From the media script thread: Chromium is unusable right now. I'm having to use Firefox. EDIT1: I ran the media-script .sh and it auto installed the default selection and I also ticked "streaming" which I know is Chromium... EDIT2: I'm on the latest Chromium for Ubuntu bionic... 73.x EDIT3: This is what Chromium says under "chrome://gpu": What am I doing wrong? es2_info: and glxgears:
  10. I'm using the 5.75 image which comes with the 4.4 kernel, updated everything with "apt update -y && apt upgrade -y && apt dist-upgrade -y" and I installed system, chromium and mpv. mpv works fine.. however; chromium states: Flash Stage3D: Software only. Hardware acceleration disable And others too. it's slow and can't load youtube videos at 480p.... what next? EDIT: Yes, I ran the script and installed system, mpv and chromium. chromium under "chrome://gpu" states that it IS software only and not HW accelerated.....
  11. Hi, I have installed Armbian and updated everything. I'm running Chromium 73.x and I can't even play 480p youtube videos. What am I doing wrong? I'm on a Rock64 v2.