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  1. No output but sound card and wireless mouse and keyboard is still working
  2. Hi , I'm using orange pi lite (H3) and armbian xenial desktop. When I plug in my adata 8GB flash drive armbian couldn't find it. What should I do?
  3. What do you mean about boot.scr ?? My armbian is desktop xenial
  4. I edited nano /boot/boot.cmd and set it to 1366x768p60 but only booting process will monitored and then the black screen
  5. Can you connect to my orange pi ssh and fix it for me?
  6. You mean the problem is from hardware or software?
  7. My orange pi model is lite and armbian xenial and I'm using HDMI to VGA
  8. Hey,I'm using Lg 19M38A 18.5 inch monitor .when I plug in my orange pi , only monitor shows the booting process and then the black screen up .how can I fix this problem?