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  1. it helps Thank you but I have no ethernet with none of any dtb I tried official CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.1-nightly_20190906-Generic.img.gz with g12a_s905x2_4g_1gbit.dtb and ethernet works well...
  2. Hi, I have the same box. I can't get armbian to work... Which dtb is good for this box? I soldered the uart pins labelled on the mainboard, but doesn't work... does it have a special uart ? Gabor
  3. Hi, the mainline kernel only supports hw decoding (yet). I hope it will change soon
  4. gcsuri

    HK1 Pro S905X2

    Hi, I have a cheap new box HK1 Pro. It's based u203 board. Is it compatible with the standard g12a-u200 dtb? Here I attached the factory dts. best regards, Gabor hk1pro.dts
  5. Hi, thank you! video=HDMI-A-1:1920x1080@60 video=Composite-1:d - works well.
  6. Hi, I have just made some decode test on my amlogic boxes. The result is strange because I got performance decrease on S905X board vs. S905 Does it have weaker VPU? The test was made with 150balbes kernel version 5.0.2+ and ffmpeg 4.1.3 v4lm2m hw decoder.
  7. I don't use X. I just use a simple framebuffer app.
  8. Hi, I'm on 5.77 S905X debian without X. My TV is HD ready /1366x768/ but it can downscale 1080p picture. I can see the logo in 1080p on boot but the kernel switches to 1366x768 which is crappy. The fonts are broken, unreadable. How can I force or switch to 1080p resoulution on the HDMI port from console? I used fbset but nothing happened best regards, Gabor