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  1. Hi, I have just made a 5.15.13 bullseye image based on the latest public 5.0.9 image. Sorry guys, someone removed the link from my post... If you would like to download it, please send me PM. best regards, gcsuri
  2. Hi, x96 max status: - ethernet: there is a problem with the dwmac driver in the kernel. There was a discussion about it. I hope someone fix the rx-delay in the 5.10 release - wifi: there is rtl8822cs driver in the kernel, but it's not completed - when realtek finish the driver (sdio part) it would work. - bluetooth: there is a driver in the kernel, but it depends on the wifi part best regards,
  3. Hi, you can set the refresh rate by video: options in the kernel parameter. https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Kernel_mode_setting 1G ethernet link is not available on some TV box regarding the driver (or the incomplete dtb definitions - who knows ).
  4. Hi, remove the line from install-aml.sh contains /dev/zero then uncomment the line contains boot.ini. After this you can run install-aml.sh to boot from internal mmc. regards, Gabor
  5. Hi, I used 20.09 on my X96-max. Booted from usb, works fine. After install-aml.sh the box doesn't boot. Neither usb or internal. bestregards, Gabor
  6. Hi, I have made a .dtb to my x96-max box based on meson-sm1. Ethernet works at 100mbps, sound works also. Just copy to /boot/dtb/amlogic/ dir and edit extlinux.conf in latest stable (kernel 5.8.5). meson-sm1-x96-max.dtb
  7. Hi, good news: 100Mbit ethernet works in Armbian_20.06.0_Arm-64_focal_current_5.7.2_20200619.img.xz with g12a-u200.dtb bad news: any later versions don't work again best regards, Gabor
  8. As more people mentioned before the sections from factory kernel is not working with the mainline kernel, for example: mc_val, analog_val, cali_val. The functions which handles this sections are missing from the mainline soc ethernet driver. You may try to put these function to the driver or "convert" the functions to the reg section if it's possible...
  9. Hi, please link or upload the working dtb. How it came from? best regards, Gabor
  10. Hi, here is the original dts coming: ethernet@ff3f0000 { compatible = "amlogic, g12a-eth-dwmac\0snps,dwmac"; reg = <0xff3f0000 0x10000 0xff634540 0x08 0xff64c000 0xa0>; reg-names = "eth_base\0eth_cfg\0eth_pll"; interrupts = <0x00 0x08 0x01>; interrupt-names = "macirq"; status = "okay"; clocks = <0x02 0x38>; clock-names = "ethclk81"; pll_val = <0x9c0040a 0x927e0000 0xac5f49e5>; analog_val = <0x20200000 0xc000 0x23>; pinctrl-names = "internal_eth_pins\0internal_gpio_pins"; pinctrl-0 = <0x11>; pinctrl-1 = <0x12>; mc_val = <0x4be04>; internal_phy = <0x01>; phandle = <0x98>; }; ... internal_eth_pins { phandle = <0x11>; mux { groups = "eth_link_led\0eth_act_led"; function = "eth"; }; }; internal_gpio_pins { phandle = <0x12>; mux { groups = "GPIOZ_14\0GPIOZ_15"; function = "gpio_periphs"; bias-disable; input-enable; }; }; external_eth_pins { phandle = <0xbc>; mux { groups = "eth_mdio\0eth_mdc\0eth_rgmii_rx_clk\0eth_rx_dv\0eth_rxd0\0eth_rxd1\0eth_rxd2_rgmii\0eth_rxd3_rgmii\0eth_rgmii_tx_clk\0eth_txen \0eth_txd0\0eth_txd1\0eth_txd2_rgmii\0eth_txd3_rgmii"; function = "eth"; drive-strength = <0x03>; }; }; I think external_eth_pins is not relevant. I can't translate mc_val, pll_val and analog_val to the mainline dts ...
  11. Hi, I have been playing with this unit again, but no success. I tried some changes in dtb. RTL8211F is recognized by the dwmac driver but I think it's not initialized properly. Interface came up, but no link and no rx/tx. Could someone explain what is the "mc_val" entry in the dtb of the amlogic 3.14/4.9 kernel? Gabor
  12. it helps Thank you but I have no ethernet with none of any dtb I tried official CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.1-nightly_20190906-Generic.img.gz with g12a_s905x2_4g_1gbit.dtb and ethernet works well...
  13. Hi, I have the same box. I can't get armbian to work... Which dtb is good for this box? I soldered the uart pins labelled on the mainboard, but doesn't work... does it have a special uart ? Gabor
  14. Hi, the mainline kernel only supports hw decoding (yet). I hope it will change soon
  15. Hi, I have a cheap new box HK1 Pro. It's based u203 board. Is it compatible with the standard g12a-u200 dtb? Here I attached the factory dts. best regards, Gabor hk1pro.dts
  16. Hi, thank you! video=HDMI-A-1:1920x1080@60 video=Composite-1:d - works well.
  17. Hi, I have just made some decode test on my amlogic boxes. The result is strange because I got performance decrease on S905X board vs. S905 Does it have weaker VPU? The test was made with 150balbes kernel version 5.0.2+ and ffmpeg 4.1.3 v4lm2m hw decoder.
  18. I don't use X. I just use a simple framebuffer app.
  19. Hi, I'm on 5.77 S905X debian without X. My TV is HD ready /1366x768/ but it can downscale 1080p picture. I can see the logo in 1080p on boot but the kernel switches to 1366x768 which is crappy. The fonts are broken, unreadable. How can I force or switch to 1080p resoulution on the HDMI port from console? I used fbset but nothing happened best regards, Gabor
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