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  1. Hello thanks for your answers It is possible to have armbian with all packages audio video acceleration ... in one iso one day ? Running like kodi in libreelec
  2. Hello everybody sorry for m'y english, i m French and thanks Too read me 👍 I have installed Armbian bionic 4.4 on tinkerboard with media script for hardware accélération to run Kodi I have two problems in Kodi Leia : first : i don t have 5.1 sound (pathtrough)but just stéréo i have tested libreelec (official) and sound is very good with pathtrough actived in libreelec i see alsa in audio prametre, i don t have Alsa in Kodi with Armbian Second : 1080p vidéo run very well on Kodi on Armbian but with 4k vidéo i have a black screen or vidéo run very slow On libreelec 4k vidéo run very well Somebody Can help me ? What Can i do ? I don t want just libreelec cause i use tinkerboard like a mini PC Best regards and thanks for your answers 👍